‘A Political Witch Hunt Targeted at Conservative Donors,’ DOJ Slammed for ‘Investigation’ of Project Veritas Over Ashley Biden’s Diary

'A political witch hunt targeted at conservative donors,' DOJ slammed for 'investigation' of Project Veritas over Ashley Biden's diary

The Biden administration is on the warpath against conservative journalists like Project Veritas, and it’s using the Department of Justice to carry out its bidding, alleges civil rights lawyer Harmeet Dhillon, who’s representing the outfit in its First Amendment fight against the DOJ.

The Department of Justice is investigating journalists at Project Veritas for acquiring Ashley Biden’s diary, which reportedly contained “creepy” details written by President Biden’s daughter about her father. The existence and possession of that diary has become a matter of prosecutorial inquiry, prompting the DOJ to go after Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and others who came in contact with the document.

As reported by The Post Millennial in November, the FBI raided two homes associated with Project Veritas in connection to the diary.

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