Abortion Advocate in Florida Arrested for Assaulting Pro-life Activist

Abortion advocate in Florida arrested for assaulting pro-life activist

A 50-year-old abortion advocate in Pensacola, Florida, has been arrested and charged with battery after tearing a sign out of the ground and hitting a pro-life activist with it before walking away. The incident was caught on video.

On December 11, Jennifer Samala approached a group of pro-lifers who were sitting with their signs near American Family Planning Pensacola, the city’s only abortion facility. She used one of the signs to assault Thomas Messe, who started recording Samala when he noticed her approaching across the parking lot.

“We were minding our own business here with our protest. She abruptly approaches us very fast — swearing, cursing,” Messe told WEAR-TV. “I pull out my phone because I know it’s going to be bad. And she immediately grabs the sign and starts swinging at us — knocked my hand and knocked the phone out of my hand. I wasn’t hurt — but it was pretty scary. And luckily after that she ran away.”

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