Airlines Cancel Hundreds More Flights on Christmas Day as Omicron Brings ‘COVID-Related Sick Calls’

Airlines cancel hundreds more flights on Christmas Day as omicron brings 'COVID-related sick calls'

The total number flight cancellations entering, leaving or inside the United States climbed Christmas Day to 888 and 2,538 worldwide, as airlines struggle to keep planes in the sky amid the surge of COVID-19 cases that are keeping employees off the job.

The numbers Saturday from the flight-tracking website compare to 690 in the U.S. and roughly 2,000 worldwide on Friday and largely two days ahead of last-minute cancellation notices to booked passengers, upending holiday season travel for the second straight year.

Delta, United and JetBlue on Friday acknowledged the virus’ highly-contagious omicron variant was causing staffing problems that have resulted in flight cancellations.

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