Americans Are Brainwashed Into Ignorance


White liberals have succeeded in brainwashing Americans into ignorance. White liberals have been so successful that schools are dedicated to erasing history instead of teaching it. For example, South Orange New Jersey has ridded itself of association with Thomas Jefferson by renaming Jefferson Elementary school Delia Bolden Elementary School in honor of the first black woman from that area to graduate from high school. According to the school, both the students and faculty led the fight to disassociate from Thomas Jefferson. School board member Qawi Telesford said the reason is that Jefferson owned slaves.

Jefferson owned slaves because slaves comprised the agricultural labor force of his time. Slavery was an inherited institution. It was established in territory that later became the United States long before Jefferson was born and long before the United States existed or was even a thought in someone’s mind.

There was nothing Thomas Jefferson or anyone else could have done about it. Turn them loose, you say. Examine what you are saying. 18th century slave owners, such as Jefferson, were not responsible for slavery. It was the existing labor institution into which they were born. Economists will tell you that the price of a slave was the present value of his lifetime wages. Having paid these wages in the slave’s price, how were agricultural producers to pay it a second time by freeing slaves and then hiring them back as workers?

If the US then had the high revenues or money creating capability of today, the government could have compensated owners for the value of the slaves, thus providing a bucket of money for wages with which to reemploy the slaves. Without compensation, the plantations would be confiscated of a work force and without a work force would have to close down. The freed slaves would have no means of subsistence. It is likely that the cost of what is called incorrectly a “civil war” greatly exceeded the cost of compensating slave owners. But, of course, the war was not about slavery. It was about forcing the South to pay the tariff on which the development of Northern industry depended. As President Lincoln said, the South can have slavery forever if they consent to staying in the Union and paying the tariff.

As a result of the takeover of education by ideologues, the level of ignorance in the US is so high that people actually believe that slave owners enslaved the blacks. That is not the case. The blacks arrived in what later became the US already enslaved. They were enslaved by the black king of Dahomey, whose successful slave wars fed captured blacks into the slave trade.

White people did not enslave blacks. They purchased blacks already enslaved by other blacks. They purchased blacks, because that was the available labor force, not because white people were racist. There were just as many white slaves, if not more, held by Muslims at the time.

Chuck Norris

In American universities and public schools ignorant hatred has displaced objective learning. The only facts are the invented ones that support the false narratives. Truth has been kicked out of American education which today consists of little but anti-white rants.

And so Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence and who was born in the era of slavery has been cast aside in favor of the first black female graduate of a New Jersey high school. Why the first black female graduate? Why not the first white female graduate? Feminists would say the later is just as much a feat. Why not the first handicapped graduate? Why not the first . . .

During the slavery era not only did blacks in Africa own black slaves, but also free blacks in America owned black slaves. So did the Cherokee Indians who took their black slaves with them on the Trail of Tears when the federal government uprooted the Cherokees from their homelands in Georgia and forced them to march to relocation in what became Oklahoma.

It is a paradox that it is considered restitution to remove white names from schools, streets, and parks and to replace them with black names, but it is offensive to place Indian names on sports teams, rivers, counties.

The way things are going, Indian names are being erased along with the names of the white people who created the United States. Soon we will have a country whose history has been recreated after the fact.

Article cross-posted from Paul’s blog.

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  1. There were people protesting slavery even then. And slaves weren’t just bought as slaves, they were bred in America and often from their families. On American soil.

    So because something is evil somewhere else it’s ok to do it here? Does that justify rape, genocide and colonialism? Please.

    And it’s not erasing history. It’s deciding that we have values that don’t align with our slave owning predecessors.

    To sit here and say there’s nothing that a President could’ve done about slavery. Cmon

    1. While it is not a justification, it was legal at the time. Rape was and is a crime and not legal. Genocide did not exist at the time, the word was first used much later.

      You do not punish people today for doing something yesterday when it was legal, nor do you punish the children whose parents acted legally when it was legal even if it has now been made illegal.

      While it was legal, there was nothing a President could do. A President is not King.

      Remember, slavery was made illegal and at great cost. Remember also, as pointed out in the article, blacks owned slaves also, and one of the first slave owners in America was Anthony Johnson a black man, and one of the wealthiest slave owners in Charleston SC was William Ellison a black man who supported the Confederacy along with his family.
      Also remember, millions of white people over more than 1400 years were held as slaves by Muslims and white people were held as slaves before that in Rome, Greece, and even in parts of Europe. History is history, and facts are facts. Respecting history and still recognizing the accomplishments of those such as Jefferson does not mean we accept slavery or celebrate it, but we still recognize the greatness of those who came before us and were able to accomplish what they did regardless of the societal issues of the time.

    2. And in years to come the democrats will be vilified for the millions dead before they had a chance to breath air on their own. That is a genocide on the scale of Stalin and Mao’s endeavors and for what? That a child was inconvenient at the time? Only 3 percent are medically necessary. It has become institutionalized, major corporations have it spelled out in monetary terms, it is cheaper to pay for an abortion, than a pregnancy. Where are all the compassionate liberals? It is the expected norm, right? The fetus is dehumanized in the same manner that the Jews were in the 1930’s, and the Africans 100 years before that. Take a look in that mirror you demand that conservatives use. There you will face the hardest task of all. The Constitution of the United State was concerned with Human Nature nothing more, and supremely nothing less.

  2. I’m not sure that I agree with your argument but I agree with you on the heart of the matter.
    When faced with the darkness of slavery it is not just a black issue, it’s also an Chinese and a Irish issue as well as both of these grouping also experienced truly horrific treatments in our past.
    And the perpetrators were quite often from their own groupings: take for example the owner of the very first legally owned black slave in the American Colonies: Anthony Johnson of Connecticut, a black man went to court to have another black man declared his property over debt owed.

    Slavery is evil, no person of a right mind would debate otherwise.
    But slavery for all of humanity ( that lives through the Great Reset ) is the desired outcome for the Global Technocratic Elites who want to rule absolutely as ‘ gods ‘ .

    Let’s focus our attention on these elites, after all its them who are pushing the current educational trends.

  3. Long before whites settled in America blacks enslaved whites in even greater numbers than the visa versa.

    The Barbary Coast Pirates were the scourge of Europe and America capturing white slaves to be sold in to muslims in Africa. White girls were in high demand with prepaid orders anxiously waiting their booty.

    The Tuareg Tribe of Africa captured other blacks and sold them.

    Tommy Robinson has more to say about this.

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