Benedict Biden: Exit Stage Lost

Joe Biden (1)

“Exit Stage Lost” must be the final command regularly displayed on Joe Biden’s teleprompter because the senile old stooge always wanders around aimlessly after mumbling through any public remarks.  I’m guessing it’s his speechwriters’ way of gently prodding: “Now go along and play with your toys while the adults take care of important business.”  Although, given how perplexed Biden always appears and how intensely he seems to be searching for something invisible to everyone else, perhaps the teleprompter-in-chief flashes: “Tag, you’re it; now go find Corn Pop hiding in the bushes.”  

Obama couldn’t speak coherently without a teleprompter, and Biden can’t speak coherently even with a teleprompter.  Had our enemies just made a concerted effort to destroy the world’s supply of functioning teleprompters, the Obama-Biden presidencies would have consisted of nothing but strings of um-um-ums, regular urrs, a whole lot of uhhhs, mindless slobbering from Dementia Joe, and an occasional self-righteous “That’s not who we are.”  You’d think anybody haughty enough to claim the honorific title of “most powerful man in the world” would be capable of speaking in complete sentences for as long as the occasion required without the assistance of someone whispering in his ear, but alas, political puppets rarely require cognitive ability or oratorical skill.

Should we one day look back at this decade as the “Terrible Twenty-Twenties,” Joe Biden’s mental infirmity will stand as an apt metaphor for our continued suffering or a prime cause of the cataclysmic damage yet to come — perhaps both!  Many historians have opined that Franklin Delano Roosevelt could never have become president nearly a century ago — let alone have served as the White House’s longest occupant — had American voters known he was confined to a wheelchair.  With a compliant press doing his bidding well before the age of television, though, most Americans were none the wiser.

Here and today, however, Biden’s prolific public struggles in performing simple tasks are visible for all to see, and no reasonable person could observe and not conclude that the faux president is in severe mental decline.  Still, the press is completely silent about this unfolding catastrophe and goes to outrageous lengths to cover up and even justify his most absurd deficiencies.  It is as if we were all watching FDR wheeling himself around the Rose Garden, and the mainstream media are delightfully cheering, “What an incredibly fit jogger the president still is!”  The more the press pretends not to know what’s going on, the more obvious it is to the average American that Soviet-style propaganda has taken over the United States.

So here we are with a president-in-name-only, who most Americans believe cheated his way into the White House, proving almost daily that he is also supremely incapable of performing the job.  Not only was he most likely illegitimately installed, but also his mental handicaps make him legitimately unfit for office.  The Biden administration, in other words, is illegitimacy squared.

The American people know that he is not really running things.  The Pravda Press know that he is not really running things.  Foreign leaders — allies and enemies alike — know that he is not really running things.  Probably, deep down, even bitter and cantankerous Joe Biden knows he’s not running things.  About the only Americans who are actually so caught up in this Deep State charade that they buy into the whole Aviator Joe public relations farce are the same Americans so easily hypnotized by the media’s dark arts that they’re still isolating at home, mummifying themselves behind germ-carrying masks, begging their pharmaceutical masters for new boosters, ranting indiscriminately at the television about Russian collusion, and raving about the wonderful economy while their savings and stock portfolios go up in smoke.

Biden could always carry the cuckoo vote because he speaks Rob Reiner’s jibber-jabber language.  Dementia Joe puts the “dim” in the Dem Party, and some dim Dems will follow him to their graves.

What happens when you take a mediocre mind and a malevolent heart and churn both in the blender until you have lime-green purée?  Well, if you’re Joe Biden, you get to play president for a spell while the world comes crashing down.  And boy, is it crashing down hard!  Homicide and violent crime rates are through the roof.

The U.S. government has abandoned the southern border with more gross dereliction of duty than it demonstrated during its strategically imbecilic retreat from Afghanistan.  Food and fuel prices are skyrocketing, while the Green Mafia controlling Washington, D.C. choke off domestic energy production and handcuff farmers with EPA insanity.  The Federal Reserve’s central bank chicanery is intentionally tanking Main Street economic activity in order to provide cover for the inflationary destruction exploding forth from the Green New Deal’s Pandora’s box of regulatory upheaval.

Americans are going into record consumer debt while struggling to live paycheck to paycheck.  Fentanyl and other illegal drugs spilling into the country through our porous borders are killing tens of thousands.  And the cultural Marxists have been given carte blanche to undermine marriage and the nuclear family with paroxysms of transgender madness and fondness for pedophilia, such that children have never been more confused about their own identities.  

politically compromised and corrupt DOJ and FBI continue to target and harass any pro-Constitution Americans not down with American communism, and when they’re not covering up their culpability for using the Hillary-Obama Russia collusion scam as part of a running coup d’état against President Trump, they’re actively conspiring to foist further spurious charges against him in order to keep him off the ’24 ballot.

Insidious censorship has gone so vogue under the malignant socialist State that American corporations, newspapers, “thought leaders,” and social media platforms deceptively posing as defenders of free speech all justify viewpoint discrimination, language bans, and punishment for unapproved thoughts.  Members of the military, as well as huge majorities of the private workforce, are still being coerced against their will to accept experimental medical treatments and endure COVID-related crimes against humanity.  

Biden, picking right up where Obama left off, insists on aiding our enemies in China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and elsewhere, while browbeating Americans at home for unconsciously engaging in “systemic racism” and other meaningless Marxist claptrap meant to strangle Americans’ freedom, self-worth, and initiative with vindictive and morally deficient “collective guilt.”

And while ordinary Americans deal with these plentiful — nay, nearly overwhelming — government-created problems, they watch as the useful dotard and aspiring dictator putatively serving as president of the United States continues to use Ukraine as a vehicle for laundering money for friendly cronies and as a playing field for tit-for-tat geopolitical warfare against Russia’s Putin while nonchalantly terrorizing the globe with dangerous murmurings of nuclear Armageddon.  

Freedom First Beef

With the business of the day as serious as it has ever been, why not have a bumbling fool at the helm steering the ship of state — especially when it seems that this time around, the State is intent on driving us directly into the nearest iceberg!  It is as if we were playing Russian roulette with a hundred different life-threatening issues each day — including nuclear gamesmanship with Russia itself — and a corrupt, craven, lobotomized cretin were waving the gun at us all and repeatedly pulling the trigger.

But why should Braindead Biden care?  He gets to fly around on Air Force One, collect undeserved salutes, and prance around on the world stage as mad kings do.  He can escape from the burdens of leadership to his Delaware vacation home and lick pudding pops ’till he gives his Jell-O brain brain freeze.  For those with nowhere else to go, though, the Deep State’s lost puppet sure has made a nightmare of the American dream.

  1. At this point, most of us are wondering exactly how much longer we are to be expected to put up with this ridiculous charade, all the while we watch as our retirement savings are being evaporated before our very eyes.

    This cannot go on much longer. We are now in desperate need of a leader to fix these problems and restore what is left of our nation before this blithering idiot sends everything that is left over the final cliff.

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    1. To give credit to the originator of tomhoser’s comment:

      An epigram by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, French critic, journalist, and novelist, in the January 1849 issue of his journal Les Guêpes (“The Wasps”). Literally, “the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing”.

  2. Unfortunately, all of this is sad and true…and we hope that there will be change come the midterms, maybe, I mean there will probably be some slowdown of the craziness of these leftist fools, however, I don’t much trust that the Republicans will effect much, they are not much better…the only true Warrior Leader in this war of constitutional culture and freedom was Trump, unafraid, accomplished, and an outsider from the Swamp… but the McConnell, McCarthy, and Romney types did what they could to undermine him and perpetuate the Deep State mentality of the Swamp in D.C., and all receiving their cronie kickbacks with our tax money…these creatures in Washington D.C. need a complete purge, and a renewal of the representataive republic and renewed adherence to our constitutional principles…we have decades old dinosaurs that can barely stand up controlling our government, if they retire they would die because the Swamp is the only thing keeping them going…we need new fresh ideas from a new generation of patriots whose first order of business would be to institute Term Limits on these lifelong government nursing home refugees….

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