California Catholic bishops issue statement denouncing abortion plans

California Catholic bishops issue statement denouncing abortion plans

In the wake of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s proclamation that he wants the state to become an abortion “sanctuary ,” the California Catholic Conference (CCC), which serves as the policy voice of the state’s bishops, is speaking out against the plan.

Last week, the California Future of Abortion Council issued a report with 45 recommendations as to how the state can become an abortion hotspot. Among the suggestions are plans to use taxpayer money to pay for travel expenses, lodging, childcare, and abortion procedures for out-of-state women who want to travel to California for abortions.

In response, Kathleen Buckley Domingo, executive director for the CCC, issued a statement on December 8, in which she called the report “disappointing and deceptive,” noting that within its guidelines there were no suggestions for women who might want an alternative to abortion and no discussion as to the reasons why women seek abortion in the first place.

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