CBS Reporter Hit a Homerun on This Year’s Underreported Story…And the Network Censored Her

CBS Reporter Hit a Homerun on This Year's Underreported Story...And the Network Censored Her

Landon covered this over Christmas , but would you be shocked if CBS News edited their own reporter for a segment going against the narrative. No, right?

This is one of the OG networks when it comes to fake news. Dan Rather and the Killian documents are prime examples. They tried in 2004 to derail Bush with a fake news story to influence the election and failed. They learned and did it again, but with the help of the intelligence community in 2020 to damage Trump. Yet, that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Reporter Jan Crawford hit the nail on the head regarding this year’s most underreported story in the most recent episode of “Face the Nation.” It was so good—it got edited out. Hint: it dealt with school closures and Covid (via Newsbusters):

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