CNN Plays ‘Gotcha Game’ With Fox Over Jan. 6 Texts but Ends up Exposing Themselves

CNN Plays 'Gotcha Game' With Fox Over Jan. 6 Texts but Ends up Exposing Themselves

Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY) and the liberal media were falling all over themselves trying to make something about Mark Meadows texts with Fox hosts and Donald Trump, Jr about Jan. 6. But as we noted, what was most hilarious about it all was that the texts they were trying to make into something showed that no one was in favor of the riot, that everyone was upset and no one had any idea it was coming. That they were trying to use their influence to help stop the riot.

In other words, it blew up the Democrats’ game that somehow the riot was some Trump/GOP plan. But they did what they could to try to twist them into something because they have a big fist full of nothing when it comes to crimes or any wrongdoing by Republicans.

How desperate is CNN at this point? Brian Stelter showed how much, with his tweet trying to make something out of how Fox responded over the day to the texts and trying to claim that Fox didn’t respond for 24 hours, as though they were some great big “gotcha.”

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