Confidence in Us Military Drops 11 Percent Under Biden: Survey

Confidence in US military drops 11 percent under Biden: survey

Americans with “a great deal of confidence” in the US military dropped a staggering 11 percent from February under commander-in-chief President Joe Biden, according to a survey released Friday by the Ronald Reagan Institute.

The Reagan National Defense Survey showed that the percentage of Americans having “a great deal of trust and confidence” in the U.S. military is only 45 percent, the first time the number has dropped below 50 percent since the survey was first conducted in 2018. It is also a steep drop from 56 percent in February 2021.

The institute said in its summary: “Almost a year into the Biden Administration and a few months removed from the Afghanistan withdrawal, the American people are equivocal and unsure about U.S. global leadership and military capabilities.”

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