DOJ and FBI Target Biden Political Opponents

DOJ & FBI Target Biden Political Opponents

“This is a political jihad against opponents of the Pelosi Congress and those that have questioned how the elections were handled.”

The politicization of our nation’s justice system is unfortunately nothing new, but the recent indictment of Steve Bannon is “an outrageous use of power” according to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. As Fitton discusses in the Weekly Update, his indictment by the Biden DOJ is part of a larger agenda to use the events of January 6 as “a vehicle to criminalize the speech of those that oppose the Biden agenda, who question issues about the election and just generally are Trump supporters.”

Describing the Jan. 6 Select Committee as a “star chamber” and as a “joke”, Fitton argues that its partisan composition makes its decisions “inherently invalid” and “inherently suspect.” As Fitton explains, Pelosi’s committee is “investigating criticism of the election processes and the fundamental First Amendment right to petition one’s government to make sure the rules are followed.”

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