Faith and Determination Move Mountains

Charles Baudelaire

Let me ask a simple question.  Who is more powerful: a vast bureaucratic army of groupthink automatons all marching to the same beat and repeating the same rote lines, or a single iconoclast who refuses to submit to mass indoctrination?  It is all too tempting to assume that a lone voice stands no chance against an imposing ideological force.  How can one person fight back against overwhelming odds?  Yet here is the interesting thing: the more uniform the consensus among conquered men, the more consequential a single dissenting voice becomes.

If you stand in a room with a hundred people all shouting different messages, you might hear only the person next to you.  If ninety-nine people all say the exact same thing, you will certainly receive their message.  But if one person on the other side of the room shouts something entirely different from everyone else, that message will also be heard clearly.

Small numbers have big voices.  People who hear those voices ask themselves, “Why do these people not believe everything we’ve been instructed to believe?  What makes them so certain that all of us are wrong, and they are right?”  Like pebbles plunked into a pond, the ripples grow and crash into each other, share energy, build momentum, and eventually create big enough waves to reach the other shore.  One rock at a time, one voice at a time, eventually, the water becomes downright choppy.

If the Supreme Court’s leaked decision overturning Roe v. Wade does in fact hold, its partial correction of a monumental injustice will be due to the small voices in America that have refused to be drowned out.  While Establishment Republican pundits pleaded for Republican voters to avoid “culture wars” at all costs, those with conviction never stopped fighting for unborn lives.  While “big tent” politicos argued the merits of “moral ambiguity,” those with rock-solid moral foundations let their consciences be their guides.  While “principled conservatives” voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, real conservatives elected a president who transformed the Court.  While Hollywood heavyweights and corporate news propagandists assured Americans that abortion is backed by “settled science,” those who know better never relented.

Dismantling the enshrinement of abortion as a “constitutional right” will not end abortion, but it at least takes the first positive step toward recognizing that sacrificing one human for the convenience of another is antithetical to Americans’ historic commitment to life and liberty.  Fifty years of dissenting voices plunking pebbles into society’s pond have had their effect.

Faith and determination do move mountains.  The Appalachians were once as tall as the Rockies, after all, but even the hardest rock eventually gives way to those small drips of water that pound its surface, constant and unrelenting.  When you see the great moral battles of today through this lens, you realize that time is a stubborn illusion that too often tricks us into accepting defeat when victory is near.  Every mountaintop looks impenetrable yet remains no match for the steady efforts begun with a single drop of rain.

Do I believe we can save this country?  Absolutely.  Do I believe that this “land of liberty” will find its footing and stand for freedom again?  Definitely.  Do I fear the growing totalitarianism of the State?  No, I do not.  If anything, I am encouraged that those who would stamp out free speech, free will, and private ownership have become so drunk with temporary success that they have slunk out of the shadows to expose themselves for what they are!

Not too many years ago, a person would have likely been labeled a “conspiracist” for saying out loud that (1) there is a globalist cabal pushing for a one-world-government New World Order, (2) the Uniparty in Washington, D.C. actively works against the wishes of American citizens, or (3) the Democrat party has abandoned liberalism for communism.  Now these once frowned-upon proclamations are broadly accepted as facts.

Not long ago, defenders of the unborn who tried desperately to warn society that a war against children was underway were routinely silenced with trite recitations from politicians who defended abortion as “safe, legal, and rare.”  Now, as some women celebrate the deaths of their babies and some states have pushed the legality of infanticide up to (and even past) the moment of birth, more Americans than ever recognize State-sanctioned child-killing as morally reprehensible.  Not ten years ago, conservatives warned that forcing people to sacrifice their religious beliefs in order to appease those who insist on the redefinition of marriage would only further encourage the State to force people of conscience to bend to its will.  Now that argument is in no doubt as elementary school children are inundated with lessons glorifying transgenderism, promoting bodily mutilation, and outright denying biological reality.  The Democrats and their enablers have dropped all pretenses and boldly declare their agenda, and their hubris will be their undoing.

French poet and essayist Charles Baudelaire (or was it “Verbal” Kint?) once wrote, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”  A contemporary writer on religion added, “The second greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he is the good guy.”  Those two statements together aptly describe the Marxist, globalist machine.  It is most effective when nobody knows it is operating behind the scenes and when its phony “achievements” are presented as “noble,” “good,” and “moral.”  When people see leftism for what it truly is, however — a program for squelching dissent, suffocating freedom, empowering State control, and propagating immorality — people see the Devil in all its hideous ignominy.

A most important yet largely ignored social movement is gaining steam today.  People in America and around the world are waking up to the reality that their leaders have been awful custodians of government power.  They are waking up to the reality that the game has been rigged for quite some time to favor a small number of self-styled “elites” over everyone else.  They are waking up to the reality that globalism and central banks have caused many to suffer so that few may reign.  They are waking up to the reality that political correctness and criminalized “hate speech” are just modern excuses for censorship.  They are waking up to the reality that global programs touting international cooperation with multinational conglomerates only serve to maximize the power of those at the top while minimizing the voices of everyone else.  In short, the world is waking up!

As we go through these turbulent times ahead, never forget how quickly the status quo can collapse.  Great change often starts from unexpected places.  Moral wrongs are righted.  The powerless find inner power.  The voiceless find their words.  Sometimes faith and prayer and determination really do move mountains.  And sometimes those mountains move much faster than most think possible.

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