George Floyd’s 4-Year-Old Niece Is Shot – Cue The Silence

George Floyd’s 4-Year-Old Niece Is Shot – Cue The Silence

In another lifetime, maybe I will be as clever as other writers who come up with some great nomenclature for the corrupt, psy-optic forces in our world. Rush Limbaugh famously called them the Drive-By Media. A writer at Townhall wrote a book about Outrage, Inc. and a go-to reference for Covid, journalist Alex Berenson, has labeled them Team Apocalypse. It all amounts to the same thing and conveys a similar attitude toward their reality creation and curation through fixation on generating absolute hysteria.

Certain stories write themselves, and so it is with the tragic – and I do mean tragic – case of four-year-old Ariana Delane, the niece of the beatified and sainted George Floyd. What are the odds that the career criminal would witness, from wherever he is now, the violent attack on his helpless little niece. Of all the families in the world, this one keeps somehow finding trouble.

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