Interview With Rasmussen: ‘Illusion of Competence’ Shattered Post-Afghanistan Debacle for Biden

Interview With Rasmussen: 'Illusion of Competence' Shattered Post-Afghanistan Debacle for Biden

Opinion research polling has been used over the last two decades as fodder for partisan cheerleading and food fights. But the importance of data-based decisions rarely gets airplay. I had the privilege of sitting down with top pollster Scott Rasmussen who has nailed every election except 2012.

Here are some highlights from my conversation with Scott.

“People think polls they agree with are brilliant and polls they disagree with are horrible. There is an overlooked discussion of polls. For a long time, the best way to conduct a poll was through operator-assisted polling, where somebody’s actually calling you. That’s no longer the best way. But companies that did this built reputations on that technology. [Therefore], they don’t want to discuss different methodologies.”

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