Last-Minute Text From Pregnancy Center Worker Saves Preborn Baby’s Life

Last-minute text from pregnancy center worker saves preborn baby’s life

A pro-life book tells the stories of women who were helped by pregnancy resource centers. One of these women was Jade, who had had two abortions and was facing a third unplanned pregnancy. Her boyfriend was pressuring her to abort.

Jade spoke to a counselor named Liz at an Arkansas pregnancy resource center and arranged to come to the center. But she never made it to that appointment. Instead, she went to an abortion facility for her scheduled appointment there, intending to abort her baby.

But as Jade sat in her car alone outside the facility, she wavered. She wasn’t sure what to do. She tried to calm herself and steady her nerves. But then her phone alerted her that she had a text. It was from Liz, and read, “I hope you’re well. Missed seeing you yesterday for your pregnancy appointment. I’m here for you if you want to talk…” 1

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