Liz Peek: Biden Spreading Gloom This Christmas

Liz Peek: Biden Spreading Gloom This Christmas

As we approach Christmas, our spirits are again dashed by growing COVID cases and news of cancellations: holiday parties, Broadway shows and even the iconic Rockettes have called it quits on Christmas 2021.

President Biden, persistently off-key, is spreading gloom by warning of “a winter of severe illness and death” for the unvaccinated, hammering home yet again the need to take the shot. That’s what he’s got.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Breakthrough cases, hospitalizations and deaths are mounting, as it turns out the vaccines’ effectiveness is not what we hoped, and especially against omicron. It is hard to find national data, as the government appears reluctant to admit that while the shots help protect most people from serious illness and death, they are not foolproof.

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