Marine Veteran Raises $100,000 to ‘Give Back Christmas’ to Kentucky Kids Whose Homes Were Destroyed by Deadly Tornadoes

Marine veteran raises $100,000 to 'give back Christmas' to Kentucky kids whose homes were destroyed by deadly tornadoes

After a deadly tornado tore through Mayfield, Kentucky earlier this month, devastating the small town, one resident grew concerned that children in his community would be suffering this Christmas. So he decided to do something about it.

Shawn Triplett, a retired U.S. Marine Corps veteran who now volunteers at a local elementary school, told People Magazine he was spurred into action after witnessing a heartbreaking interaction between a mother and her young son while helping out at a church shelter.

“I saw a child, no older than 6 years old, crying in his mother’s arms,” Triplett, 38, recalled. “She was crying too, but you could tell she was doing her best to look strong. The boy told his mom, ‘I’ve lost my Christmas.’ It was at that moment that I broke down and had to walk outside.”

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