Military Caves to Bullies, Yanks Faith-Based Dog Tags

Military Caves to Bullies, Yanks Faith-Based Dog Tags

The military unconstitutionally caved to anti-religious “grinches” when it stopped a company from distributing faith-based dog tags, First Liberty Institute lawyer Mike Berry told the Todd Starnes Show .

First Liberty Institute and the law firm Fish & Richardson filed a complaint Wednesday on behalf of Shields of Strength, which has been making military-themed dog tags with Bible verses and inspirational messages for over 20 years, at a district court in Texas.

Kenny and Tammie Vaughan started Shields in 1998 and have since sold or donated four million inspirational dog tags to servicemembers and their families, but in 2019, after Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) Founder and President Mikey Weinstein complained, the Department of Defense pulled licensing from Shields of Strength.

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