Nets Skip Biden’s Court-Packing Pipedream Ending With a Whimper

Nets Skip Biden’s Court-Packing Pipedream Ending With a Whimper

Last April, President Biden and far-left Democrats were looking for the moon when the former convened a commission they hoped would recommend radical changes to the Supreme Court, including giving him the green light to attempt to pack it with his partisans and ideologues. But on Tuesday, that commission ended in a whimper as the divided commissioners couldn’t agree on upending the highest court in the land and the Constitution.

Of course, the liberal broadcast networks that were enthusiastically pushing such radical changes were nowhere to be found when their pipedream collapsed in on itself.

Around the time the commission was launched, then-NBC correspondent Kasie Hunt boasted about it on Today: “Progressive fury over the Court has been growing after former President Trump appointed three conservative justices, including one in an election year, after Republicans blocked President Obama from naming Merrick Garland to the Court in 2016.”

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