‘Nobody Is Safe’: Former San Francisco Fire Commissioner Beaten With Metal Bar

Don Carmignani

In the latest illustration of San Francisco’s steady descent into bloody, lawless dystopia, the city’s former fire commissioner was viciously beaten with a crowbar — just one day after a well-known crypto tech executive was stabbed to death. 

The former commissioner, Don Carmignani, was beaten on the streets of the Marina District, just steps from his residence. A friend says he suffered a broken jaw, fractured skull, and many lacerations of his head and face.

Bystander video purportedly captured the alleged assailant stalking the area with a metal bar

The incident happened around 7:30pm Wednesday. Carmignani’s father says his son had asked three homeless people who’d camped out in front of his house to move out of the area. When they re-situated themselves just down the street, Carmignani confronted them again, his father says, and the beating commenced. 

“He asked them to move and he was blindsided by a metal pipe to the head,” Carmignani friend and former candidate for district attorney Joe Alioto Veronese told Fox2“Don’s a big guy and what it says to me is this kind of thing can happen to anybody. Nobody is safe in San Francisco right now.”

Police arrested a homeless man, 24-year-old Garret Doty, and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon and battery causing serious bodily injury.

Former Fire Commissioner Don Carmignani (center) on a better day (via KRON)

ABC7 interviewed one of his homeless associates, who said Carmignani had been “disrespectful” when they were loitering near his home. When reporter Lyanne Melendez asked if that justified beating someone up, the man replied, “Yeah, sometimes.” 


Neighbors are all too familiar with Doty and his pals. “They’re always on the sidewalk surrounded by a pile of trash, folded over, smoking drugs,” said Andrew Cuzzone. “It’s alarming…It makes me want to move to another city. It’s no way to live in fear all the time.”

The day before this display of barbarism, the city was shaken by the stabbing death of Cash App founder Bob Lee outside a luxury apartment building. 

Article cross-posted from Zero Hedge.

  1. Remember people that Gavin Newsome wants to be POTUS. Tell him to take a walk when he comes pedding his lies and corruption! Newsome destroyed the state and does not get to burn down the country!

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  2. Stay where you are and fix the mess. Too many of y’all leave ya’ll leave yourcrap hole to a safe place and try to change that to another crap hole

  3. Jezz, if the normal people (assuming any remain in Cali) would just start carrying weapons and defending themselves, maybe they could regain some control of their communities. It works in normal states where normal people live.

    1. while I agree with you, I must cry out: we moved to California in 1957, and no-one ever said ‘Cali’ throughout my entire lifetime until a few years ago.

      it is usually said by inner-city hipsters or out-of-state dweebsters.

      ah. I feel better.

  4. These assailants are misunderstood victims of white privilege, climate change and deserve reparations because they now identify as non-binary black trans.

  5. Oh dear, you know the old saying “you get what you paid for” well there is another saying ” you get what you voted for” and California you are in for a world of hurt.

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