Oakland Residents Now Demanding CLIMATE REPARATIONS by Using False Claim of Rising Sea Levels

Oakland Climate Change Reparations

“People of color” living in the West Oakland community of the San Francisco Bay are demanding reparations because they claim that global warming is causing sea levels to rise and unearth toxic chemicals hidden in the soil, supposedly displacing them throughout the community.

Like many communities across the United States, West Oakland has an industrial past that has since been replaced with housing and other uses. As a result, the people who live there are sometimes exposed to hidden chemicals in the soil, which can only be remedied, according to West Oakland residents, by delivering “climate justice.”

Because of the media’s constant fearmongering about man-made “climate change,” area residents now fear that the waters of the San Francisco Bay will rise so much that pockets of pollution will end up getting strewn across their yards and in their local playgrounds. More than 130 sites, they claim, are now at risk of contamination.

So-called “climate scientists” are also fueling the paranoia by publicly warning that plumes of toxic waste will migrate underground as sea levels rise, exposing people of color to contamination.

“These are environmental health issues that need to be addressed now,” proclaimed Rachel Morello-Frosch, a researcher with Toxic Tides, a program of UC Berkeley that receives funding to fearmonger about this mythical threat.

Only black people are negatively affected by toxins that require reparations, according to activists

Frosch reportedly told NPR that she believes financial reparations need to be delivered immediately in order to save West Oakland’s communities of color from the toxic tides – but only those with dark skin, apparently.

White people who live in the area are of no concern, it would appear since the demanded climate reparations are also supposedly necessary to address “historical racism in housing, economics, and the policies of the past,” to quote one news source.

“The reparation movement is the next level of civil rights,” said 75-year-old black woman, environmental activist, and area resident Margaret Gordon, who says she fears that hidden underground toxins will only add to the severe environmental challenges in West Oakland.

“We should not be in a position of just surviving – we should be thriving,” she added. “There’s tons of pollution, or toxics, in the ground. You cannot put up a garden without having your soil tested. It still comes down to race.”

What Gordon meant by “it still comes down to race,” in this context, would seem to imply that only black people are dealing with toxins in West Oakland. Area residents with white or light skin are apparently not under any threat from hidden underground toxins, and thus do not need or deserve any climate reparations.

In Gordon’s view, climate justice will help “historically marginalized communities,” to quote the DailyMail Online (U.K.), to repair the harm caused by past decisions to allow toxic industries to operate in their neighborhoods, “essentially devaluing the lives of black people.”

“Let’s talk about reparations,” Gordon said. “We would have longstanding sustainability. I would know there’s going to be housing for my children and grandchildren, so there’ll be a job for them.”

Gordon told the media that she believes black people in West Oakland were confined to the toxic neighborhoods because of racist lending policies, which prevented them from seeking housing elsewhere.

“The full freedom to say, ‘I can leave or I can stay,’” Gordon demanded. “Or, ‘I have the freedom, the values, and the finances to make the future I want.’”

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The latest news about raging climate fanaticism can be found at ClimateAlarmism.news.

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  1. Do not give one inch to these sick whining POS. They are not to be thought of as helpless, but panhandlers who would rather beg for alms than to do actual work. So I ask RedWave, why would they bother to put this up for our perusal? Stop giving stupidity coverage, because you are falling into the same trap the MSM fell into. Try reporting on what is right & good in our conservative society instead of acting like the psychopaths are more entertaining and relevant than are the working class conservatives who build this country.

  2. Problem: Before 1940 and long after West Oakland was converted to mostly housing, 95.3% of the population was Irish. Blacks only started moving into Oakland after most of the White working-age males were shipped off to Europe to fight in WWII.
    Oakland is a weird town. It’s portrayed locally and in media as a Black city. It’s not and never has been. Currently it’s about 23% Black. There is no majority. Whites are the plurality with Latinos a close second. Blacks were barely the plurality in the 70s but the last time Oakland had any majority, It was Irish and the Black plurality was only for about 15 years. So, who should be getting those reparations?

  3. The seas are not really “rising”.

    Sea level measured relative to land is called “relative” sea level. In coastal areas, sinking land, known as subsidence, leads to higher sea-level and increased flood risk. (NOAA)

    Areas like the East Coast are sinking. New research published in the journal Nature Communications finds that the Atlantic coast—home to more than a third of the US population—is dropping by several millimeters per year. In Charleston, South Carolina, and the Chesapeake Bay, it’s up to 5 millimeters (a fifth of an inch). In some areas of Delaware, it’s as much as twice that…Atlantic coastal cities are already suffering from persistent flooding, and the deluge will only get worse as they sink. (ArsTechnica 04/2023)

    ““What we are seeing at a large scale, and this was a surprise to me, is a very clear pattern that you would expect if the response to the last ice age were the primary control on the differential rates of sea-level rise across the eastern U.S.,” said Huybers. In other words, between 20,000 and 95,000 years ago, the Laurentide Ice Sheet, which covered most of northern North America, levered the land upwards. “Now, thousands of years after the ice is gone,” Huybers said, “the mid-Atlantic crust is still subsiding.” (Harvard University, 2019)

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