Saint Louis University Threatens to Expel Student for Hanging Flyers OFF-CAMPUS Promoting a Matt Walsh Event

Saint Louis University Threatens to Expel Student for Hanging Flyers OFF-CAMPUS Promoting a Matt Walsh Event

The absolute anti-conservative agenda among colleges and universities across America often reveals itself in ways that are so obvious, it’s amazing the “woke” administrators didn’t realize how much they were exposing themselves. But every week — and sometimes daily for stretches — we see another example of radical progressive ideologies among administrators prompting them to make biased decisions based solely on unhinged perceptions.

Saint Louis University is the latest example of showing their clear-cut bias against conservative students and the speakers they want to hear. But this particular case takes their bias to the extreme by threatening the worst punishment at their disposal — expulsion — against a student for their legal actions off-campus.

The story reads:

Saint Louis University school administrators in Missouri are threatening to suspend or expel a conservative student for posting event posters advertising Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh’s university lecture off-campus.

SLU officials informed a member of the university’s College Republicans, student James Dowling, via Zoom call Thursday that he could face expulsion for alleged “failure to comply” and “inappropriate conduct” after he placed the lecture advertisements at an off-campus location on Dec. 1 before Walsh’s appearance.

When he refused to kowtow to SLU administrators demanding he take down the Walsh posters from a crosswalk off-campus, two university employees filed displinary charges against Dowling. The school’s feud with Dowling is still ongoing over a week after the event, culminating in an upcoming conduct hearing.

“If you were to be found responsible for a policy violation, suspension or expulsion from the institution are included within the range of possible outcomes that could be applied,” Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards (OSRCS) assistant director William Bowey told Dowling on the virtual call.

Dowling was told that he was being charged with both of the aforementioned failure-to-comply and inappropriate conduct offenses. Dowling was “allegedly confrontational, disrespectful, and failed to comply with reasonable requests made by the staff in accordance with their duties,” according to Bowey’s characterization.

This is exactly the type off response we’ve grown to expect from idiotic college administrators, and that fact alone is sad. How far has America fallen that we are not shocked when institutions off higher education attack conservatism so blatantly? And in case anyone thinks this is about “policy” and not ideology, imagine if a Black student hanging flyers off-campus for a BLM rally was questioned by school administrators. If you can’t imagine it, that’s because it would never happen at an American university in modern times.

The mere act of questioning such a student promoting such an event would spark accusations, walkouts, and massive protests. Students would need safe spaces and administrators would be fired. They would never get to the point of threatening expulsion because they’d be removed from their position and labeled as bigots for harassing a student off-campus.

The Daily Caller also picked up the story and provided more details:


In a letter dated Dec. 9, the SLU Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards sent Dowling a letter detailing his alleged breaches of SLU’s “Community Standards.” The letter also noted that Dowling would be required to attend a hearing for his “Suspendable Violations.”

“This is yet another case of politically motivated prosecution by the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards,” SLU College Republicans President Nicholas Baker said in a statement shared with the Daily Caller News Foundation. “After dealing with them when they went after the club for asking another organization, the ‘SLU Sluts,’ to define the word ‘woman,’ and learning that the office’s director distributed copies of the ‘Genderbread Person’ to students a few years ago, I have no confidence in their ability to be fair and objective in their decisions.”

Walsh’s event, hosted by the SLU College Republicans and YAF at a Missouri hotel, focused on the Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the DCNF previously reported. Walsh confronted protestors outside the event to offer them an opportunity to answer his question, ‘what is a woman,’ but they declined, Walsh said on Twitter.

Walsh made demands and threats of his own towards Saint Louis University:

It’s time for conservatives to stand up and stop allowing our ideology itself to be bullied. Saint Louis University would never have reacted this way had a student hung BLM rally flyers off-campus. They are blatantly targeting the political right.

Image source: Spliced from image by YAF and image by Paul Sableman via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

  1. According to the article if you would like to contact of the “fine” people at The Saint Louis University Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards, the phone number is 384-977-7326. Ask for John Janulis.

  2. The jesuit order (they run SLU) continue to be a gaggle of uncivilized heathens….all the way up to pope frankie.

  3. Posting information for an OFF-CAMPUS event while OFF-CAMPUS is an offense? Sounds like some 1st Amendment stuff to me.

  4. So a supposedly Catholic university appears to rabidly support abortion? Jesuits, the best order if atheists in the Roman Catholic church.

  5. Tell them if they any further you will sue for 20 million dollars. The college is not city law enforcement, the college is not an elected entity, the college has no right to tell to do anything outside of the campus. Tell them are not an employee of the college and that you presence there is Quid-Pro-Quo, it a business relationship because you are an adult.

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