‘She’s 13. Stop This’: Top Dallas Newspaper Ripped for ‘Utterly Classless’ Story on Ted Cruz’s Teenage Daughter

'She's 13. Stop this': Top Dallas newspaper ripped for 'utterly classless' story on Ted Cruz's teenage daughter

The Dallas Morning News was sharply criticized after amplifying a tabloid-like story about the 13-year-old daughter of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), which seemingly attempted to pit the young teenager against her father by highlighting differences in political opinion. What are the details?

What are the details?

The Dallas Morning News published a story last Thursday claiming Cruz found himself in a “predicament” last week, which the story identified as “an outspoken teenage daughter with a TikTok account.”

The newspaper published its story to Twitter with a headline that read, “Ted Cruz’s daughter says she disagrees with ‘most of his views.'” The story, however, did not explain where that assertion derived.

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