The Condition of Our Society Has Never Been This Bad, and It Is Only Going to Get Worse


A lot of people seem shocked that the fabric of our society is steadily unraveling all around us, but the truth is that this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  What we are witnessing is simply the law of cause and effect in action.  We have discarded the values that this nation was founded upon, and we have replaced them with new “values” that are diametrically opposed to the old values.

So now we live in a hellhole of our own making.  Just about every form of evil that you can possibly imagine is exploding in our society, and crime rates have been rapidly rising all over the nation.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about.  Earlier this week, CashApp founder Bob Lee was brutally stabbed to death as he walked through one of San Francisco’s wealthiest neighborhoods…

Father-of-two Lee, 43, was knifed multiple times in the chest early Tuesday as he strolled through the progressive city’s well-heeled Rincon Hill neighborhood while on a business trip.

He probably assumed that it was still okay to walk through the “safe” parts of San Francisco late at night.

Unfortunately, the entire city is now teeming with predators, and so far in 2023 violent crime is even more of a problem than it was last year

Since the pandemic, crime has spiraled in the Golden City. Homicides are up 20 percent in the last year, robbery has climbed 14 percent, arson is up 6 percent and assault ticked up by 2 percent.

At this point, nobody can deny the truth.

San Francisco is one of the most prosperous cities in the entire country, but even though the city is swimming in mountains of cash violent crime is completely out of control.

In fact, Twitter CEO Elon Musk says that he personally knows “many people” that have “been severely assaulted”

Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk was among a host of tech leaders hitting out at the lawlessness in the wake of Lee’s slaying, writing on Twitter: ‘Many people I know have been severely assaulted.

‘Violent crime in SF is horrific and even if attackers are caught, they are often released immediately.’

I have no idea why so many politicians believe that putting violent criminals back into the streets is a good idea. In Los Angeles, an incredibly foolish plan to “decarcerate” L.A. jails is currently being considered

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is considering a plan to “decarcerate” jails by citing and releasing anyone with bail at $50,000 or less, city documents show.

An agenda item has been added to the board’s Tuesday meeting titled “Los Angeles County to Take Actionable Next Steps to Depopulate and Decarcerate the Los Angeles County Jails,” Fox News has learned

The measure was introduced by Supervisors Lindsey Horvath and Hilda Solis, both Democrats, and only has one public comment attached to it.

What do you think this plan would do to violent crime rates in Los Angeles?

The answer is obvious.

Every decision has consequences, and our society has become a nightmare because of countless decisions that we have collectively made over the decades.

Right now, law and order is breaking down all over the country, and criminals are becoming more brazen than they have ever been before.  For instance, just check out what a team of burglars just pulled off in the Seattle area

Burglars who got away with more than 400 electronics from the Apple retailer at Alderwood Mall made their entry point by cutting through the bathroom wall of the neighboring espresso machine store, the Lynnwood Police Department (LPD) confirmed.

The owner of the neighboring business says he’s grateful no one was hurt because the $500,000 theft happened while the store was closed.

Needless to say, crime has become a massive problem on the east coast as well.

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In the Big Apple, auto theft was “up a stunning 32% last year”

Car theft spiked during the pandemic and hasn’t returned to pre-pandemic levels, the report says. Grand larceny of vehicles in New York was up a stunning 32% last year, more than any other felony. According to Sewell, most thefts are taking place in the Bronx and northern Manhattan.

Wasn’t Eric Adams elected to get crime under control? Obviously it isn’t working so far.

But of course this crisis is not going to be solved by kicking out one group of corrupt politicians and bringing in another group of corrupt politicians to replace them.

Sadly, our problems go much deeper than that.

The truth is that millions upon millions of young Americans have a completely twisted view of reality at this point.  Most of them spend multiple hours every single day on their phones, on their computers or watching television.  Virtually all of the “programming” that they are consuming has been training them to view the world a certain way, and often that has extremely tragic results.

Just days after the horrific mass shooting that we witnessed in Nashville, another young person was planning “to attack three schools and churches in Colorado”

A transgender teen is in custody after authorities say they recovered a manifesto detailing her plan to attack three schools and churches in Colorado just four days after Audrey Hale murdered six people at the Covenant School in Nashville.

William Whitworth, 19, who goes by the name Lilly and is referred to with female pronouns in arrest documents, was arrested on March 31.

We should be thankful that the police were able to intervene in time.

But overall, during the first three months of this year violent attacks on churches in the United States were up 288 percent compared to the same three months in 2022…

In all, assailants attacked churches 69 times in the first three months of 2023, compared with 24 such acts during the same period last year, a 288% increase. The rising tempo of anti-Christian assaults—which includes arsons, bomb threats, vandalism, and sacrilege—has affected places of worship in 29 states.

Sadly, this is just the beginning. As the “values” of our society continue to be transformed, more chaos is inevitable. And the biggest killers are not the violent predators that are roaming our streets.

As I will detail in a bombshell article that I will post later today for my paid subscribers on Substack, the biggest killers of all are those that roam the halls of power all over this nation.

From the very top to the very bottom, our entire society has become infused with great evil.

Let us hope that America chooses to reverse course soon, because if we stay on the path that we are currently on things will not end well for us.

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  1. Our society has abandoned God and it has targeted kids in Communist indoctrination Centers formerly called schools to do this evil

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  2. If San Franciscans think their hellhole is unsafe now, just wait until they handout $5 million in reparations to each Black “victim”. All Blacks will then be targeted for kidnapping and extortion. Being Black in San Francisco will be comparable to being White in Detroit and cruising through the ghetto with a Rolex, gold chains and a Bentley. Crime is going to soar even higher.

  3. Excellent article, pithy and to the point.

    The ONLY law enforcement we will see, will be focused on those who resist the criminal element that is encouraged and promoted by those same politicians and law enforcement to burn us to the ground.

    The FBI is the worst, it is the American Gestapo.

    The FBI is a renegade, out of control, criminal organization no different than the Mafia, except it has more power.

    Remember that commercial about how the Army gets more things done than you do before 9:00 AM?

    Before 9:00 AM, Your average FBI Agent gets up, suborns perjury, alters official documents (302’s), destroys evidence under subpoena, withholds exculpatory evidence, hides Brady Material, lies under oath to the court, lies under oath to Congress, ignores the 4th amendment and supplies ex nihilo, out of whole cloth, phony evidence then initiates with no predicate, investigations into perceived enemies of the D卐M☭CRAT party, conduct pre-dawn raids on “dangerous” septuagenarians, illegally leaks classified material to sympathetic press pack dogs who work in support of the D卐M☭CRAT Imperium, slow rolls subpoenas for FOIA information and lies about the need to classify ever more evidence that the American public should be able to see and again, that is before 9 o’clock.

    Again, the FBI initiates investigations which are disguised in order to entrap innocent, down and out Americans (See Gretchen Whitmer) in order to further their political goals. They entrap innocent Americans as they did on Jan. 6th (Hundreds of FBI Agents were there, encouraging grocery boys and grandmothers into the building so the Department of “Justice” could imprison them with no Habeas Corpus and no hopes for a fair trial in an enemy city, in enemy territory, filled with enemies who want us dead.), again, withhold exculpatory evidence (14,000 hours of video which would show very little criminal intent, but would reveal the faces of hundreds of agents/provocateurs.) They ARE, absolutely, the American Gestapo.

    Comey, Wray, Stroch, etc., the entire 7th floor of the FBI over the last 10 years, should be indicted, prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated for the betrayal of trust, treason and the ongoing, RICO like, thug transnational gang operations they have initiated with Mens rae, premeditated criminal intent.

    Tear the FBI building down and sow salt in the earth where it once stood.

    There are no better angels on the shoulders of the Fascists in the Deep State.

    The Federal Government, soup to nuts is now captured and no more than an enforcement arm of the DNC.

    Tear it out root and branch and administer the much needed correction (Including the executions of traitors.) appropriate to all parties concerned.

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    This is my main concern……….

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