The Threat of Liz Cheney as a Tool to Split the Party

Liz Cheney (1)

Last Sunday morning on Meet The Press in the last few minutes they brought up the subject of Liz Cheney making a run for President in 2024. When it comes to me expressing my opinion of her odds of winning such a bid I will keep my mouth shut. History shows that we can sometimes be very very right, and at other times, very, very wrong.Let the AdvancingTime Article where I dissed, even mocked, Biden when he entered the 2020 Presidential race and his slim odds of getting elected remain buried deep in the archives of this blog.

The greatest threat posed by Liz Cheney may be that she could split the Republican Party and hand the Democrats the next Presidential election. Consider the Ross Perot scenario, years ago he pulled enough votes away from George Bush Senior to hand the election to Bill Clinton. This role as a spoiler still exists and if Trump does run, never Trumpers and Democrats would fund her campaign simply to torpedo the Don.

The polls were correct that neocon Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) would lose her congressional seat in the primaries. Her poorly-received crusade against former President Donald Trump proved to be her Waterloo. To say Cheney sparked a conservative backlash in her district where 70% of Wyoming voters chose Trump in 2020 is an understatement. Her participation as vice chair of the January 6th committee, and her stand that there’s never been a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump didn’t do Liz any favors.

One of the biggest dangers faced by Republicans is the party will be split by those old-school Republicans that still wish to control its future.So here isCheney, she is still viewed by many as a “Never Trumper – warmongering – commie hater” extension of her father. Their refusal to concede power and willingness to cut off their nose to spite their face continues to exist. That of course does not imply the Democrats are in great shape going into future elections. 

The Democratic Party also has its demons, not only has it failed to govern since returning to power but they have moved way farther to the left than many Americans. Their abuse of the political system coupled with poor leadership at the top has left many voters underwhelmed. After my bad call on Biden’s chance of becoming President, while not a fan, I will not say Liz Cheney has no political future but I will say her next role may be that of a spoiler.

Article cross-posted from Bruce’s blog.

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  1. IF,,,,,,, liz manages to split Republicans from GOP RINOs, I say “Great!” I want to know who me enemies are.

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  2. You grossly overestimate the almost universally hated Liz Cheney. If a third candidate does “split” the party (news’s already split) it ain’t gonna be her.

  3. The GOP already is split. Right wing of the DC Uniparty versus the GOP base. The only reason ahe would run is to keep the Uniparty coffers filled and the establishment in power.

    GA’s special election showed the MAGA base can have a temper tantrum too (they stayed home). I have no idea what a Cheney run might do, but sooner or later the GOP base is going to have to say adios to its Uniparty leaders.

  4. Are we to believe that Liz will run as a third party candidate? What party? She cannot win the Republicn nomination.

    1. She is doing it for 2 reasons, the money and to try and siphon off votes from President Trump..that is all………….

  5. The rinos will back her because what Trump really threatens is the fiction that there are two parties. Face it, they hate his guts for doing in one term what they have been promising for decades AND NEVER FOLLOWED THROUGH because they never intended to. One party with two names is/was the front for the deep state who took freshmen congressmen and made multimillionaires out of them to insure the real power stayed in the hands of the unelected. Run lizzy-baby! Let’s put about a million candle-power on the enemies of the people.

  6. You are right in bringing up the Joe Biden analogy. In 2019 Joe Biden was polling in low single-digits, and then he had a series of bad debate performances (one of them where even Kathrine Harris embarassed him over his racist policies & behavior). Biden had nothing going on… he lost Iowa and then New Hamphsire…. Biden appaeared to be toast except …… he still had big money from the DNC, and Establishment, George Soros, a relationship with Dominion Voting Machines personnel — and the crooked U.S. News Media continued to promote him as “serious candidate”.

    Then Biden magically won South Carolina and was immediatey pronounced the “front-runner”, and something very unusual and strange happened. All the other Democratic candidates voluntarily resigned .. and cleared a free path for Biden to just take the Nomination. Even the far more popular Bernie Sanders who drew large crowds…just wilted away and quit voluntarily without putting up a fight. And even Tulsi Gabbard who sharply challenged Kathrine Harris in one TV Debate that led to her elimination, did not make any similar effort to go after Joe Biden and challenge him. It was as if the Red Sea had just parted for the uncharismatic, unpopular, gaff-prone, corrupt, and plain boring Joe Biden to be annointed the Presidential Nominee.

    It is clear that the Establishment and the U.S. News Media just love the Cheney’s (and the criminal Bush-CIA Crime dynasty) and will stop at nothing to promote any of them. Liz Cheney, just like Joe Biden, has no charisma and no natural voter-driven following or demographic. Thus she is the perfect candidate – one that is totally beholden to the Globalist World Order Cartel & Media that would be solely responsible for her political power & advancement.

    While the MAGA movement is big and growing, it is only seen or heard or observed through alternative Internet-Media. A large pecentage of the Country still have no idea what “America First” policies really are, or what MAGA stands for. The Establshment still controls the narratives, and our Elections to a large degree. But MAGA is growing, and I do not see that stoping. The success of Ron DeSantis may be more important than Trump 2024. Regardless of what they do to Trump…DeSantis will be the heir of this movement.

  7. Liz Cheney, Mike Pence, Rod Dreher and everyone at The Fake American Conservative…they can all hang together.

  8. She doesn’t have the charisma or political skill to split the party. Remember, she is a untalented product of nepotism, whose relied more on her father’s name than her political skills. Her path forward will be on CNN as a talking head.

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