UCLA Doctor: Parents Have Lost Faith in the Medical Establishment and for Good Reason

UCLA Doctor: Parents Have Lost Faith in the Medical Establishment and for Good Reason

UCLA Medical Doctor Catherine Sarkisian is speaking out about the loss of trust in the medical community as the government, health officials and pharmaceutical companies push parents to vaccinate their young children for Wuhan coronavirus.

“This article fails to mention a major reason many smart caring parents are waiting for more data before allowing their children to receive vaccines for a disease with close to zero chance of mortality: parents have lost trust in our medical establishment and its unethical relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. Instead of relying heavily on opinion quotes from a pharmaceutical employee, JAMA should have published an article with this title that presented actual data about what parents believe,” Sarkisian wrote and posted in her personal capacity under an article posted in The Journal of the American Medical Association. “There is nothing ‘paradoxical’ about parents who are vaccinated themselves wanting to wait for more/longer-term data from fully-powered RCTs before having their kids receive a new emergency-use authorization vaccine.”

“On the contrary, it makes great sense given the extremely low risk of harm from COVID-19 for a 5-11 year-old. As a physician scientist and left-leaning human being who believes in the social contract (and never let my kids miss a vaccine), I am extremely frustrated seeing such a biased article published in JAMA,” she continued.

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