‘Vax, Boost, Test, and Mask’: Biden’s New CDC Director Nominee Is More of the Same Lunacy

Mandy Cohen

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The Biden Administration has announced that they will be nominating a longtime Government Health bureaucrat and physician named Mandy Cohen to replace the disgraced Rochelle Walensky as the next Director of the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), the premier Government Health organization that has, to put it mildly, failed to live up to its name.

Unsurprisingly, Dr Cohen is a member in good standing of the covid hysteria lunatics club. As her record displays, she is a proud devotee to the Branch Covidians.

Here’s a little sample of her social media, which includes an image of Dr Cohen wearing a mask with the Evil Elf’s face on it.


A true pseudoscientist, she frequently urged the public to “vax, boost, test, and mask” to keep the public safe, as not wearing the holy cloth may “impact everyone around you.”

Mandy Cohen

Cohen took masking very seriously, at least when she thought the cameras were rolling:

Digital Dollar Nightmare

A lockdown maximalist, in late 2021, she threatened a North Carolina school district with legal action for not abiding strongly enough with her contact tracing and quarantine edicts.

CDC Director

Cohen was secretary of North Carolna’s Department of Health and Human Services before joining the private sector last year. Her LinkedIn bio currently lists Dr Cohen as “EVP Aledade Inc & CEO, Aledade Care Solutions.” She also had a lengthy tenure in a variety of Obama Administration Government Health departments.

Article cross-posted from Jordan’s Substack.

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