Watch: Alleged ‘Health’ Officials Release Pro-Vax ‘Ghostbuster’ Parody Cringier Than the All-Girl Remake

Watch: Alleged 'Health' Officials Release Pro-Vax 'Ghostbuster' Parody Cringier Than the All-Girl Remake

Liberals are willfully ignorant about why some Americans are hesitant about getting their Fauci Ouchie. Or they don’t actually want people getting their arm jabs and only virtue signal about it. It’s either-or. Because there is no way government health officials would release a video like this and think it’s helping. Utah thinks this parody from the movie Ghostbusters is going to encourage people not to believe “myths.” I put myths in square quotes because they chose the most insane of the insane to smear all people who are hesitant. Instead, they replaced the all-girl remake as the most cringetastic Ghostbusters parody of all time.

For comparison:

Here’s a theory for you to disregard completely. If you want to address vaccine hesitancy, address the things that are actually making people hesitant. It’s not a handful of cherry-picked memes you heard about on CNN. It’s people who feel that, even though the unelected government bureaucrats who call themselves “the science” say it’s safe, some Americans believe it hasn’t been around long enough to be effectively tested. It’s those same bureaucrats moving goalposts and expecting you to shut up and follow. It’s all the breakthrough infections making the vaccine seem ineffective. Or the fact that the restrictions aren’t changing, so people figure there’s no point.

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