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What we are witnessing is truly the beginning of the end.  In recent months I have focused a lot on the economic implosion that is now taking place, but what we are facing is so much broader than that.  Our society is literally falling to pieces all around us, and now World War 3 has begun.

Many regard the war that has erupted on the other side of the globe as just a conflict between Ukraine and Russia, but the truth is that it is really a proxy war between the United States and Russia.  And since neither side seems much interested in diplomacy at this point, this proxy war could eventually become a shooting war between the two greatest nuclear powers on the entire planet.

Before the war started, events were already starting to accelerate substantially.  Inflation was out of control, a new energy crisis had flared up, and global food supplies were getting tighter and tighter.  But now we are truly in unprecedented territory.  If you doubt this, just look at what is happening to the price of fertilizer.

That chart should chill you to the core, because it clearly tells us that food shortages are coming.

In fact, even Joe Biden is now publicly admitting that food shortages are coming.  On his show the other night, Tucker Carlson broke this down in a way that only Tucker Carlson can…

Before the war, some fertilizers had doubled in price and some had tripled in price.

900x250 - Goldco Ben Stein Report

In the video that you just watched, we are told that some fertilizer prices are now four to five times higher than they were a year ago.

Here in the western world, most farmers will simply bite the bullet and pay the higher prices.  In turn, we will pay higher prices for food at the grocery store.

But in poorer parts of the globe, many farmers will use a whole lot less fertilizer or none at all.  As a result, global food production will be way down in the months ahead.

To turn this crisis around, what we really need is for the proxy war in Ukraine to end.  Unfortunately, both sides just continue to escalate matters instead.

For example, on Saturday Joe Biden shocked the entire world when he stated that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power”

President Joe Biden on Saturday said Russian leader Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power,” ratcheting up international pressure and further uniting NATO allies against Putin over his invasion of Ukraine.

“A dictator, bent on rebuilding an empire, will never erase the people’s love for liberty,” Biden said at the end of a sweeping speech in Poland. “Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia, for free people refuse to live in a world of hopelessness and darkness.”

That was a call for regime change in Russia.

Russian leaders were already paranoid about western intentions before, and now their paranoia is going to be off the charts.

Biden administration officials are trying to walk back Biden’s comments, but the damage has already been done.

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Meanwhile, we just learned that U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have not spoken at all since February 15th

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov have not spoken since February 15over a week before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the State Department told Antiwar.com on Friday.

Earlier this week The Washington Post cited US officials who said Blinken hasn’t attempted to speak with Lavrov since the start of the conflict. When asked to confirm the story, a State Department spokesperson said, “We can confirm that the last time Secretary Blinken and Foreign Minister Lavrov spoke was on February 15.”

Even during the darkest days of the Cuban missile crisis, U.S. officials always kept talking to the Russians.

So this is something that should alarm all of us greatly.

On top of everything else, Joe Biden just told U.S. troops in Poland that they will see what conditions in Ukraine are like “when you’re there”

According to The Associated Press, Biden’s remarks were given in front of U.S. troops who “had been sent near Poland’s border [with Ukraine] to assist with the humanitarian emergency and to bolster the U.S. military presence on the eastern flank of NATO.” The words, “and you’re gonna see when you’re there,” were spoken right after the president mentioned the bravery of Ukrainian citizens. Later, the White House once again told reporters that U.S. troops would not be deployed to fight in the war in Ukraine.

Every time Biden opens his mouth, he makes things even worse.

If he isn’t careful, he could drag the entire world into a global war.  Earlier today, I was horrified to learn that Biden has decided to reaffirm “America’s right to use nukes in a first-strike scenario” at such a tense moment…

President Joe Biden is abandoning a campaign vow to alter longstanding US nuclear doctrine, and will instead embrace existing policy that reserves America’s right to use nukes in a first-strike scenario, according to multiple reports.

As Russian forces continue their bloody assault on Ukraine, Biden is under pressure from NATO allies not to abandon the right to use nuclear weapons to deter conventional attacks.

Many had thought that the war in Ukraine would help to unite America and would provide a boost to Biden’s extremely poor approval ratings.

And in the initial days of the war, that seemed to happen.

But now Biden’s approval ratings are falling once again

President Joe Biden’s job approval ratings keep falling in his second year in the White House, with just 40% of Americans approving of the job that he is doing, a new NBC News survey finds.

That is the lowest rating Biden has seen in his presidency.

We were warned that 2022 would be a very troubled year, and we are still in the very early chapters.

If the Biden administration continues with all of this insanity, things are going to get a whole lot worse.  I really like how Gerald Celente summarized matters during his recent interview with Greg Hunter

“We are headed for an economic calamity the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime. They are getting our minds off it with the war in Ukraine. . . . You know, I wrote in the magazine in the beginning of the year, we said that the Covid war would wind down by late March and mid-April. It’s winding down. . . . So, now, as we said in the magazine, we went from the Covid war to the Ukraine war, and now to world war. We are headed to World War III. . . . There is not a peep about a cease-fire. Biden is only bragging about more weapons being sent in. Biden says we are going to defeat the Russians. We are not backing down. No one is talking about a cease-fire, and no one is talking about peace. If we don’t unite for peace, we are all going to die in war.”

A thermonuclear war with Russia would be more horrible than most people could possibly imagine, and our leaders should be doing all that they can to prevent that from happening.

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But right now Biden administration officials apparently don’t even see any point in talking with the Russians.

We are steamrolling down a road that leads to nuclear war, and meanwhile the global economy is starting to implode at frightening speed.

If you are still delusional enough to believe that everything will work out “just fine” somehow, then I really feel sorry for you.

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  1. I am already stocking up on canned and dry goods…get some every day…another form of Great Depression may be coming

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  2. Yes.

    It you havent taken the red-pill yet…Cosmo Kramer forshadowed it when he said “the Ukraine…is weak…a sitting duck”

    First, its of no real use to call out the bad guys vs good guys anymore in a lead up to a possible WW3…TPTB are all bad.


    After, this conflict has been going on since 2014 fof goodness sakes!

    The fact that BRANDON has only incendiary remarks should tell you that the elites want war and ever continous conflicts.


    BLINKEN had better start a dialogue in the open in GENEVA or…
    better yet the Hague ICC.
    All members-graduates of the “school for young leaders” need to be exposed and put thru the wringer including Mr Klaus Schuab.
    And do not forget about the rotten Soros gang.

    These players are moving the chess pieces behind the scenes making crisis after crisis to cause the downfall of all nation states.
    They have created more poverty, suffering, and chaos…. wishing for a techocratic global neo-feudalism/communsm.

    LETS HOPE…mankind can resist these evil leaders.
    Love thy neighbor.

    1. “After all, [the] conflict has been going on since 2014 for goodness sakes!”
      Erm…or probably since the much believed “fall of the USSR” and even before that…the Czars…the oligarchs went behind the scenes for a stint then reemerged. History matters….

  3. World War 3 is not gonna happen, I can’t say that some level of famine may not happen though. Although you should know that the famine is all done intentionally.

    1. You’r assuming rationality in Washington DC. So far, I see scant evidence of rational thought from either Washington tribe since January 2021.

  4. “this proxy war could eventually become a shooting war between the two greatest nuclear powers on the entire planet”

    As long as Biden is in the White House and the Democrats control congress, the United States will be a third rate banana Republic that just happens to have some nuclear warheads. The United States is no longer a nuclear “power”.

  5. While everyone gives Tucker Carlson a pass because of his supposed adroit focus on what FOX wants disseminated. That fertilizer fear mongering is just that. All those higher yields were exported because the farmers grew far more than America could consume. What that fertilizer did do for the farmers was give them greater profits per acre and had nothing to do with feeding America. We are not going to starve you fools so stop spewing this idiocy.

    I watched Tucker for the last six years, every single night as my evening ritual before dinner. It became apparent a year and half ago that FOX was disallowing the truth to fit FOX’s agenda of not rocking the boat so they would appear neutral. They only allowed Tucker to dance around the edges of important issues. And it is not just Tucker, but all their Commentators appear to be following the same ritual, which tells me that FOX is now no longer worth watching because apparently truth is too touchy of a subject to be disseminated to an ignorant proletariat.

    It saddens me because FOX was the last bastion of truth in the MSM and now it has become apparent that they no longer care about truth. We knew the truth about the Plandemic and that fake vaccine two years ago. When truth is hidden, all suffer because it is a tactic of psychopaths in their attempted manipulation of humanity by keeping everyone in a state of fear and indecision. PROBLEM – ACTION – SOLUTION. The alternative media is the only place left where you can find the truth, but you must be discerning.

    1. Thank You!!

      Controlled opposition is not neutral but might wake up the masses?
      Probably not.

      We can handle the truth.

      The truth needs no defence.

      When has is ever been that those-who are in charge- calling for censorship (basically a coverup-hiding facts about ie…vax) are ever the honest players?

      Sins of ommision/comission especially one of FNC’s contributors like Dr. Segal playing deadly footsie or compromise w/ BIG Pfharma.

  6. Your concerns about Blinken not talking with his Russian counterpart, assumes that Blinken (Biden administration) wants a solution rather that a war. If you recall, the CIA provided the trip wire for this, through China, by, I believe, telling them that NATO was imminently going to accept Ukraine membership, all the while privately telling Ukraine that they would never be allowed in NATO. You should accept the obvious, that this administration, and by extension, the Globalist Cabal, want, or rather need, this war. You should be examining why. The answer to that question is as ominous as nuclear war.

  7. The Why? Is answered in the Holy scriptures aka the Bible.
    “Principalities and powers of the air”- thus,
    this world system was given to and is controlled by the devil.

    Any talking is always better than war?

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