We’re Already in a Civil War, But Only One Side Is Fighting

We’re Already in a Civil War, But Only One Side Is Fighting

Imagine an America where far-right, white militia groups could attack their political enemies with impunity. Where local prosecutors whose campaigns were funded by Vladimir Putin would simply dismiss the charges when they committed serious crimes, but savagely prosecute members of the public who tried to defend themselves against right-wing thugs.

Imagine further that after winning a murky election where his own election workers were credibly accused of massive voter fraud, President Trump’s administration kept dozens of progressive election protestors in solitary confinement . This more than a year after a riot where they were attacked by police . And the feds wouldn’t turn over key evidence, kept pushing trial dates back into the indefinite future, and denied those liberal protestors proper food and medical care. Meanwhile, a savagely partisan GOP Congress tried to delegitimize and prosecute ordinary political activity by Democrats. Our Country Is Fascist Now

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