What Can You Do RIGHT NOW to Get Better Prepared?

Water Preparedness

Those paying close attention to the news right now are probably holding their breath, just waiting for the other shoe to drop and drag us all into World War 3.  I’d love to be able to say that’s not going to happen, but I have no idea what’s coming next.

Nobody does.

There are all sorts of pundits with all sorts of predictions. There’s an opinion out there to fit anyone’s cognitive bias. But what we have to understand is that at this moment, it’s all just a guessing game. And there are better uses of your time than playing that game. Like getting better prepared.

So, what should you be doing RIGHT NOW to get better prepared? My answers may surprise you.

Reduce information overload.

One of the most paralyzing things we experience in this era of instant internet gratification and live-streaming is information overload.  Cambridge Dictionary defines that as:

a situation in which you receive too much information at one time and cannot think about it in a clear way.

When you’re bombarded everywhere you look on the television, your phone, or your computer with horrifying images of children being killed, of civilians fighting against trained soldiers, and buildings being reduced to rubble, it’s like a train wreck. It’s hard to look away. You feel like you are going to miss some vital piece of information. You want to be the first to know because that’s what preppers do, right?


The thing is, we have round-the-clock coverage of the things going on in Ukraine. And your brain can’t handle round-the-clock horror without a break. One thing just blends into another, and who can think clearly with all that going on?

I’ve made an agreement with myself only to look at the information on this topic three times per day. If I wasn’t in the current events business, I’d reduce it to twice a day or even once.

During your forays into the news, try to choose multiple sources to get a clearer picture of what’s going on. The truth usually lies somewhere in the middle. Take note of patterns that could be replicated against us in the future.

If you want to consume media, focus on things like skills and self-improvement. It’s far more beneficial in every way.

Avoid hysteria.

Going hand-in-hand with information overload is bad information. Especially with social media, what starts out as, “I wonder if” turns quickly into a viral meme that says, “WARNING: Putin is poisoning ALL municipal water supplies in America.” I’ve seen other viral memes saying that Putin is just fighting the NWO, and he’s actually the good guy in all this.

Come on, now.

Putin is not all-powerful and omniscient. He isn’t currently focused on us. Not every single thing that happens is the machinations of the Deep State.  When you start delving into all the far-fetched things, you’re going to feel even worse mentally because the Big Bad Wolf is around every single corner, and you can’t be constantly vigilant. I left several groups that were veering into hysteria. The situation is tense enough without throwing new urban legends into the mix.

Focus on the basics.

One piece of advice that Selco has given many times is that when you don’t know what to do, focus on the basics. Do you have these things covered?

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Take a long hard look at your preps and fill in the gaps. The list for everyone will be different. Check out this article on the pillars of preparedness to help you make sure you have everything covered.

Take care of health concerns.

Do you have any health issues that you can fix? Have you been putting off knee surgery, physical therapy, or dental issues? Now is the time to get this stuff done if you can at all.

Schedule check-ups, optometry visits, and dentist appointments for everyone in the family to make sure there are no issues sneaking up on you. Follow through with the advice of your physician, particularly if you have insurance that will cover the costs.

Start stockpiling medications, too. You might be able to get away with “I lost a bottle” once or twice if you’re willing to pay cash for the extra supply. Otherwise, refill on the very first day you are able, and you’ll get about 3-5 pills ahead each month, which adds up. Remember, we’re already beginning to see dangerous medication shortages already, and that situation could quickly worsen. Consider taking our Herbal Skills Intensive course to learn to make your own medicine.

Know when you’ve done all you can.

There comes a point at which there’s nothing else you can do. You may be out of space or out of money. You could just have your bases covered yet still feel a compulsion to keep buying.


Take a breath.

Sometimes there’s nothing else you can do. Nothing else you can buy. Nothing else to put you on the road to certain survival. You have to know when you’ve reached that point. There’s only so much anyone can do. Nobody, regardless of how wealthy they are, how much space for supplies they have, or how much they know about preparedness, will ever feel like they’ve done enough. All supplies run out eventually.

Digital Dollar Nightmare

When you reach this point, shift your focus to skills. Work on your gardening, hunting, and foraging. Learn to sew or build things. You can still be productive and actively prepping when you’re not buying stuff.

Find a way to be at peace.

You have to find a way to be at peace with where you are. Whether you’ve been prepping for years or just started, obviously, you want to keep working and learning. But just remember that every single thing you have already put back gives you a little bit more security.

We can only do what we can do. We cannot personally affect the actions of Russia, China, or our own federal government. Remember, our country has been through wars before. Times were hard, but people adapted and survived. Look at the hell that Selco and Jose have been through – yet here they are, still striving to improve the lives of others.

You can survive this. You just have to accept that things are different right now and stop yearning for the old normal. Adapt to the new rules and then focus on things that bring you peace and happinessFocus on the things you can control, not the things you can’t.

Freedom First Beef

What are you doing to prep right now?

What are you doing right now to get better prepared? Where is your focus? How are you managing the information overload? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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Image by Tom Moore from Pixabay. Article cross-posted from The Organic Prepper.

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