Zelensky Said What? “The U.S. Will Have to Send Their Sons and Daughters” and “They Will Be Dying”


Does anyone out there still believe that the United States is going to be able to avoid a shooting war with Russia?  When the war began, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky begged our politicians for help, and our politicians did not disappoint him.

So far we have poured nearly 200 billion dollars into the war, but Zelensky just keeps asking for more.  He wants fighter jets, he wants long-range missile systems, and apparently he also thinks that eventually “the U.S. will have to send their sons and daughters” to fight the Russians.

In that clip he seems to be addressing a hypothetical scenario that someone has raised.

But obviously a direct military conflict between western forces and Russian forces is something that he has been thinking a lot about.

And obviously if he is able to pull NATO troops into the war that would give him the best chance of winning.

Of course it would also greatly increase the risk of nuclear annihilation.

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But Zelensky is not focused on the long-term consequences.  His forces are losing ground, and he is starting to get really desperate.

At this point, it appears that the fall of Bakhmut is imminent.  According to one soldier that was interviewed by CNN, the situation there “is much worse than officially reported”

“The situation in Bakhmut is very difficult now. It is much worse than officially reported,” a soldier who didn’t want to be named told CNN on Tuesday. “We should add another 100% difficulty to the official reports. In all directions. Especially in the northern direction, where the orcs [Russians] have made the biggest advance.”

When I wrote about this a few days ago, the operational encirclement of Bakhmut was almost complete.

Now the Russians have gained even more ground, and it won’t be too long before the city is completely encircled physically.

At this point, things are going so badly that Zelensky just fired the commander that was in charge of his forces in eastern Ukraine…

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Sunday fired a senior military commander helping lead the fight against Russian troops in the country’s embattled east but gave no reason for the move.

In a one-line decree, Zelenskiy announced the dismissal of Eduard Moskalyov as commander of the joint forces of Ukraine, which are engaged in battles in the Donbas region.

The one thing that could slow the Russians down now is the fact that the mud has returned.

Eastern Ukraine can get really, really muddy once winter ends, and the warm weather that the region is now experiencing could potentially hamper the advance of Russian forces

Meanwhile, Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk region hunkered down in muddy trenches after warmer weather thawed out the frozen ground.

‘Both sides stay in their positions, because as you see, spring means mud. Thus, it is impossible to move forward,’ said Mykola, 59, a commander of a frontline rocket launcher battery, who uses a tablet screen to check coordinates of where to fire.

The spring thaw, known as the rasputitsa, which turns roads into rivers and fields into quagmires, has a history of ruining armies’ movements across Ukraine and western Russia.

But while the mud may cause the action to temporarily slow down on the front lines, leaders on both sides just continue to make moves that will raise tensions even higher.

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For example, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg just publicly admitted that Ukraine “will become a member of our alliance”

NATO allies have agreed that Ukraine will become a member of our alliance, but at the same time that that is a long term perspective, what is the issue now is to ensure that Ukraine prevail as a sovereign, independent nation, and therefore we need to support Ukraine.

Why would he make a statement like that?

Is he insane?

Doesn’t he realize that such an admission will make the Russians even angrier?

And apparently Ukraine has decided to start sending long-range drones deep into Russian territory

Drones that the Kremlin said were launched by Ukraine flew deep inside Russian territory, including one that got within 100 kilometers (60 miles) of Moscow, signaling breaches in Russian defenses as President Vladimir Putin ordered stepped-up protection at the border.

Officials said the drones caused no injuries and did not inflict any significant damage, but the attacks on Monday night and Tuesday morning raised questions about Russian defense capabilities more than a year after the country’s full-scale invasion of its neighbor.

On the other side, it is being reported that the Russians are now actually recruiting Palestinian refugees to fight for them in Ukraine

A Lebanese government security source has told The Media Line that Palestinians residing in Lebanon have signed up to join the ongoing conflict in Ukraine on behalf of Russia, having been offered a sum of 350 dollars by Russian entities.

The source added that the recruitment effort is being carried out by activists affiliated with the Palestinian embassy in Lebanon.

Most of those enlisting were born after 1969, as those born after this point onwards do not have proper registration with the Lebanese authorities, making it easier to travel for the purpose of participating in the conflict as mercenaries.

Of course both sides have been hiring vast numbers of mercenaries ever since the war began.

At this point, there are fighters from literally dozens of different countries in Ukraine.

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It really is a “world war”, and we are getting dangerously close to a point where a peaceful solution will become impossible.

Recently, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev authored an opinion piece entitled “Point Of No Return”.  In that piece, he warned that the world is on the brink of the unthinkable…

Of course, one could continue to pump weapons into the neo-fascist Kiev regime and block any opportunity to revive negotiations. Our enemies are doing just that, not wanting to understand that their goals obviously lead to a total fiasco. Lose for everyone. collapse. Apocalypse. When the former life will have to be forgotten for centuries, until the smoky blockages cease to emit radiation.

If Dmitry Medvedev becomes the next leader of Russia when Putin dies, we should all be gravely concerned.

He has made public statements about nuclear weapons over and over again, and I believe that he would not hesitate to use them if he decided that there was no chance of peace with the United States.

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I would highly recommend that our leaders take such threats seriously, because a nuclear war would mean the end of civilization as we currently know it.

But of course our leaders are not taking such threats seriously.

They just keep pushing us even closer to the precipice, and at some point someone could make a really big mistake which would push us over the edge.

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          Unless you happen to be an active member…

          But let me guess…you’re quite comfortable with double-thinking “never trust the media they lie about everything” and “Oh, they’ve GOT to be telling the truth about Ukraine.”

          How does that even work?

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        1. Um, that’s NOT who Jesus was talking about.
          He was talking about the JEWS, not the NAZIS.

          And first of all, have you met him in person, and has he swore this oath to you personally?
          Or did you see it on Telegram? Or the Jewstream media / tell lie vision?

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          So if he WAS a “Nazi”, we should SUPPORT him. Because Nazis stand against communism.

    1. AMEN brother. If Biden reinstates the draft, we’ll be burning more than draft cards. My sons ain’t dying for a money-laundering Nazi midget.

    2. Just think, that $200B dumped on a loser could have gone towards Social Security and Medicare! Democrats need to put back all the money they stole out of SS since LBJ decided to raid the SS and Medicare accounts to pay for his FAILED “Great Society” and the Viet Nam conflict. Johnson sold out the country and the Congress has been failing the American people ever since. The low IQ idiot pedo Biden needs to get America OUT of Europe’s problem. Ukraine is none of our business except for the corrupt Congress and criminal Biden laundering money.

  2. The funny part is, if you point out that scumbags like this always seem to be Jews (SO MANY OF THEM), somehow YOU become the bad guy.

    1. I have been saying the same thing for a very long time…NO ONE will look at the Fed Res of the US, ALL the central banks of every country sans 6, the ‘religion” of the Sec of Treasury, and the professions of the kabalists. WHO started the Bank of England that created ALL this current mess? Ashkenazi Jew family by the name Rothschild, formerly Meyer Bauer. They are a money laundering, war mongering, holocaust lying race who, IF anyone reads the Talmud (It’s free on line, all 36 volumes) want to eradicate the world of goyim and the white race. Hence the mass immigration to white countries from 3rd world sh!tholes like Somalia, Nigeria, etc. Instead of blindly following the media and the “religious” sectors, read, investigate, and find out for yourself what the truth really is. Watch “Europa: The Last Battle” to find out Truth. Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” By Edward Griffin. The truth is truly available for all, you just have to remove the blinders and open your mind to an alternate reality.

      1. Right here, folks, is what happens when you SEEK TRUTH without preconceptions.
        If only we can get EVERYONE on board, we can do what they did in Iceland.

        Heroes. Every one.

  3. Mike Pence agrees with Zelensky.

    Pence told an audience at the The University of Texas at Austin. “If we surrender to the siren song of those in this country who argue that America has no interest in freedom’s cause, history teaches we may soon send our own into harm’s way to defend our freedom and the freedom of nations in our alliance.”

    1. Mike Pence is a Jew. Zelensky is a Jew.

      There hasn’t been a single war fought for “freedom” in the last 200 years. At least, not that WE were involved in.

  4. All these things that are happening have one thing in common. Kill Americans. The reason why is easy to understand. All that is happening is part of a satanic agenda. The enemy has to get rid of the free men. After it’s easy to seduce and enslave the rest.

  5. The entire US politics, economy and financial systems are run by jews. Look at what happened to Kanye West for uttering a mixed bag of so-called anti jew comments. He was fired by Ari Emanual who owns much if not all entertainment agencies in the US including UFC. The war in Ukraine is a way to liquidate Orthodox Christians which was started by Lenin and executed by Lazar Kaganovich. Can the covid “vaccine” be tailored to sets of specific genes. Why no prominent jewish deaths? And jews are a separate race and not white, which may explain the anti-white propaganda currently in vogue.

  6. A few month ago, Zelenskyy was asked about the Nazis in the Ukraine Army.
    His anser was, “Well, they are who they are…”

    1. So, ahh, Zelensky is a Jew, and also a TELL LIE VISION ACTOR, and, oh, have you ever heard of the “Kol Nidre”?

      You can believe NOTHING a Jew says. EVER.

  7. Its common knowledge that bidin is a bumbleing idiot. BUT! One would hope that whomever is running him and his freak show cabinent would not fall for this “deep state” ploy to drag us into another endless war.

  8. His entire cabinet is Jewish. I mean, 2% of the population occupying 100% of appointed cabinet positions? W…T…F…?

    He does what the Ashkenazi Jew bankers tell him to do. Just like Trump.

  9. I’m Team Putin..!!!!!

    The military industrial complex made this war happen and they will stop once their profits are where they need em to be.. The government of America needs to be uprooted and started anew.. keep the constitution and start over.. Government was never supposed to be the largest employer, government was never supposed to be the biggest welfare provider..Government was never supposed to be a lifetime job.. The founders would not recognize this government.. They gave us a way out actually more than one.. Will we use Them or lose to commies.??

    1. Evidence points to Putin being Chabad Lubavitz.
      And frankly? I think we can do without the “constitution” and go back to Biblical law and common law. At the heart of it, conceptually, the “Constitution” was the first thrust towards the new-age altruist movement, moving us away from the laws of God and towards the laws of man. The more I see every day, the more I think going back to the old ways might be the best thing we could ever do.

      Ditch the corporate government we have now. Ditch the constitution. Tear down the Statue of Lucifer (aka the “Statue of Liberty”), tear down their Isis needles and masonic buildings and synagogues and all their other devil crap. Return to Yahweh God.

    1. First of all, Zelensky is a Jew, and there’s no way any “Nazis” are fighting against commies.
      Second of all, fighting against Jewish communism is one of the few things actually WORTH dying for.

      1. Patton had it exactly right. You don’t die for your country or cause, you make the other poor dumb bastard die for his country or cause. No more money, equipment, or other support for the Ukraine Nazi’s. Let ’em fight it out. We (USA) don’t need to be involved in this nonsense, it’s Europe’s problem. Past time to cut our losses and get the hell out.

        1. If Ukraine joins NATO we are obligated to defend it against Russia. Remember, “an attack on one is an attack on all.” That means sending our son’s and daughters there. That is why the little tyrant Zelensky is so hot to join NATO.

  10. If, if Zelenski were ever to actually appear on the battlefield, willing to sacrifice his own life for the Ukraine I might be prompted to change my mind. However, since it seems that he likes to keep himself far from danger and if possible, outside of the Ukraine to grift for evermore no-strings-attached contributions to his “who knows where the money goes fund,” it is my hope that some bright morning Putin give the command and do a wholesale invasion of the Ukraine and end this lunacy. Just because there are fools in the West who are promoting this absurdity and willing to lineup and drain their treasuries to buy their place in the “Woke-Parade,” does not mean that the Ukraine is winning this losing proposition. Not one American life is worth the saving of Zelenski and his entire government who has forced the people of Ukraine to suffer the consequences for their madness, and I care not what others may think of my opinion.

  11. Dear Zelensky…. Go F*** yourself in Macy’s window, MY kids are NOT going to war with Russia for you, OR the slimy, vile, corrupt regime currently in control of America, OR NATO… And there is not ONE person ON THIS PLANET with the guts to put their nose in MY face and tell me MY kids are going to go die fighting YOUR corrupt war… I PROMISE you. In fact, I’d DARE you to put your nose in my face, Russia will be the least of your worries… And that goes for all the European “leaders” as well…. OUR children are NOT your pawns, that ship sailed… I urge EVERY parent across the globe to STAND UP and say “ENOUGH! You want war, YOU go fight it!” to YOUR global rulers… THEY are the problem, not us.

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