About Us

In years past, I’ve always relied on conservative news outlets to bring the perspectives and information corporate media refused to deliver. As much as I’d love to just get the straight news, I found it impossible so I turned to right-leaning sites. There may be propaganda in both directions, but at least it’s easier to decipher it from conservative sites. Leftist corporate media sites flat-out hide the truth.

The problem since the 2016 election has been that many “conservative” news outlets have shifted their focus and oftentimes changed their allegiance. Some went all-out leftist like Drudge Report and Washington Examiner. Others feigned right-leaning status but continue to cheerlead for RINOs and NeverTrumpers. Sites like Washington Times, Fox News, and Daily Caller are controlled opposition at best.

Then, there’s the recent phenomenon of legitimate conservative sites avoiding certain topics to keep their profits flowing. This group is by far the largest. They might talk about voter fraud in general but none of them acknowledge the 2020 election was stolen. They might oppose vaccine mandates in principle but aren’t calling out the dangers and conspiracies surrounding the actual vaccines. They might criticize Critical Race Theory but they do little about the overarching Cultural Marxism that is becoming more pervasive in this nation.

We need a bold brand of conservative media. There are a handful of good ones out there, but there needs to be more. That’s why I built this site. I can syphon through the stories and find the ones that actually promote a conservative worldview. I’ve been doing that anyway, but since social media is awful now it’s no longer practical to try to share it that way. Here, I can share it without fear of being canceled.

We will also be publishing original pieces, not just curated posts. These original pieces will come from me and any writers we can find who are willing to have their posts appear here. I know we’re just getting started but I believe there’s an appetite for the type of in-your-face, America-First news and opinions that we will be posting.

Please let your family and friends know about us. We’re dedicated to keeping this going indefinitely, even if it becomes a financial burden. America isn’t going to save itself. Patriots need to be working together to spread the truth.