Lost Jobs

Don’t Be Stupid – The U.S. Economy Actually LOST 2.5 Million Jobs Last Month

I can’t take it anymore.  Fake numbers that are released by the government get turned into fake news by the corporate media, and many Americans don’t even realize that they are being conned. …

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Why Preserve a ‘World Order’ Without Freedom?

Atlanta Riots

If This Is What the Future of America’s Major Cities Is Going to Look Like, We Are in Big Trouble

Seattle Prostitutes

Prostitutes Prowl Seattle Streets With Hamstrung Police Watching Helplessly a Block Away

Azov Regiment

Fascist Meta to Allow Ukraine’s Nazi Azov Regiment Back on Its Platforms

Instagram and Facebook owner Meta no longer considers Ukraine’s Azov Regiment a “dangerous organization.” Following the reclassification Azov Regiment, members will be allowed…
Censorship (1)

Is Censorship of Private Communications the “New Normal”?

STORY AT-A-GLANCE In 1917, as a part of their successful military coup in Petrograd, the Bolsheviks famously made sure to, first and foremost, take control of the railway stations, the…
Wells Fargo

Woke Wells Fargo Cancels Accounts for Major Gun Dealer as Bank Indicates It Will Cut Loans to White People

Wells Fargo bank is making moves to impose corporate management’s left-wing agenda on as much of the country as possible, which will lead to a further bifurcation of left-versus-right in an…