North Korea Nukes

North Korea Just Tested Their Version of the Poseidon Doomsday Weapon That Can Create a “Radioactive Tsunami” That Could Kill Millions

For a moment, I would like for you to imagine an unthinkable scenario.  Dozens of giant underwater drones armed with nuclear warheads that have been parked just off our coastlines…

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Alvin Bragg

Report Exposes Bragg’s Lies About His Childhood

Chinese Satellites

China Has Put Hundreds of Satellites in Orbit to Target U.S. as Space Force Commander Reveals Beijing’s Horrific Plan for America

Chinese Military

China’s ‘Largest Military Buildup’ Sparks Warning to U.S.

Oregon Cattle Ranches

Farm Moratorium? Democrats Are Intentionally Destroying Our Food Supply Over “Climate Change”

Editor’s Commentary: A story from Oregon caught my attention because of its focus on diesel fuel and the energy crisis, but by the second paragraph I realized the bigger part of the…
California School District

California School District Emails Reveal Students Were Secretly Gender Transitioned

A parental rights group in Orange County, Calif., claims 23 students—eight of them elementary age—began social gender transitioning at a local school district without informed parental consent…
Bank Run

Can the Federal Reserve Stop the Avalanche of Bank Runs That Has Already Begun?

What in the world just happened?  On Friday, Silicon Valley Bank collapsed and was taken over by regulators, and then on Sunday regulators swooped in and shut down New York’s…