Kevin McCarthy

Feckless GOP’s “Commitment to America” Is So Weak They Should Have Named it, “Hey, At Least We’re Not Democrats”

I can already hear the chorus of rebukes from those who claim to be “conservative” or “populist” but who are really just straight-ticket Republicans. “Don’t…

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Illegal Alien Biden Voters

House Judiciary Votes for Allowing NON-CITIZENS to Vote in Federal Elections

Sheriff Javier Salazar

Completely Illegal Recommendation by Woke Texas Sheriff Puts Leftist Racism on Full Display


‘Zuckerbucks 2.0’: Lawmakers Eye Private Money to Get Out Vote in Milwaukee Elections

California (1)

Why ‘Leaving California’ Is Rapidly Growing in Popularity


Can This Lawsuit Overturn California’s 3D-Printed Gun Ban?

Article by Tyler Durden from Zero Hedge. In response to the recent signing of AB 1621 into law in California by Governor Gavin Newsom, Pioneers of the 3D Printed Gun, Defense…
Biden Speech (1)

Leftists Attempt “Reinvention” of Biden Speech

With clockwork predictability, the hard-left Biden Cabal is currently mobilizing its forces to resurrect the narrative of hate and rancor that appalled every decent American barely two weeks…

State Election Commission to Review Charge It Acted Illegally on 2020 Race

In the aftermath of a 2020 presidential when there were multiple questionable influences on the results, the Wisconsin Election Commission now finds itself in a unique position. It will have…