A Single Demographic Group Is Keeping the Democrats Competitive

Single Women

If it wasn’t for single women, the Democrats would be in a world of hurt.  During the 2022 midterm elections, Republicans won married men, married women and unmarried men by wide margins.  But their overwhelming success with unmarried women enabled the Democrats to avoid the “red wave” that so many had been talking about.

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I think that the numbers that I am about to share with you say a lot about the current condition of our society.  And if we are not able to find a way to reverse certain trends, the outlook for the future is quite bleak.

Most people know that men tend to favor Republican candidates and women tend to favor Democratic candidates, and this was certainly the case in 2022

In 2022 House races, men nationally favored the GOP by 14 points (56% Republican to 42% Democrat), while women favored Democrats by 8 points (53% Democrat to 45% Republican).

But when you break those numbers down by marital status, that is when things really start to get interesting

Republicans are winning married men by 20 points, married women by 14 points, and unmarried men by 7 points. So who is keeping Democrats competitive?

Answer: Single women are single-handedly saving the Democratic Party by a 37-point margin (68% to 31%).

Just let those numbers sink in for a moment.

If it had not been for single women, the 2022 elections would have been a total wipeout for the Democratic Party.

So do women become more conservative once they get married, or are liberal women simply less likely to make that sort of a permanent commitment? I think that is a very good question. If I had to guess, I would probably say that liberal women are a lot less eager to become wives and mothers.

Since they were little girls they were trained to think of family life as a form of “bondage”, and that is extremely unfortunate. Because without strong families no society can thrive for long.

Many of us tend to think of “single women” as a young demographic group, but the truth is that we now have millions upon millions of older “cranky Karens” in our society.

And when they aren’t happy they will definitely tell you about it.

Of course there are millions of other older women that are absolutely delightful.  But it turns out that very, very few of the women in that group are liberal.

Abortion is always one of the top political issues for liberal women.  According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, a whopping 62 percent of all U.S. women disapproved of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade…

While women (62%) are more likely than men (52%) to disapprove of the Supreme Court decision on abortion, the gender gap varies by race and ethnicity. Among White adults, a 62% majority of women disapprove of the court’s decision, compared with 47% of White men. By contrast, comparable shares of Black men (66%) and women (69%) and Hispanic men (59%) and women (54%) disapprove.

This is one of the main reasons why single women are so drawn to Democratic candidates.

They want to be able to have sex with anyone that they want and then dispose of any unwanted babies afterwards.

Freedom First Beef

But this is not something new.  All throughout history, cultures that have rejected sexual morality have always needed a way to get rid of babies that they did not want.

I think that a couple of photographs will help illustrate this point.

The following is a photograph of the giant Planned Parenthood facility that opened in Houston, Texas in 2010.  It cost 26 million dollars to build, and at the time it was the largest such facility in the United States…

Now let me share another picture.

In this one, Planned Parenthood’s facility in Houston is placed next to an ancient Aztec pyramid where children would be sacrificed 500 years ago…

Is this just a coincidence?

But if you try to tell liberal women that they shouldn’t be slaughtering their own children, they are likely to get very angry with you.

Just like the ancient Aztecs, they really, really like having the option of terminating any unwanted child.

Digital Dollar Nightmare

Sadly, in the United States most of the women that are having abortions actually claim to be Christians

The church has connections with many women who choose abortion, Care Net research found. In the survey of 1,038 women who have had abortions, 70 percent claim a Christian religious preference, and 43 percent report attending church monthly or more at the time of an abortion.

The way that we treat the most vulnerable members of our society reveals who we really are.

And just like the Aztecs, if we stay on the path that we are on things will not end well for us.

Unfortunately, support for legal abortion continues to rise in this country, and it will undoubtedly be a major political issue once again in 2024.

Freedom First Beef

That will definitely be a help to the Democrats, although many Republican politicians are increasingly embracing legal abortion as they seek to move more toward “the middle”.

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  1. Will you please stop it with the Planned Parenthood built an Aztec looking facility tripe? That building on the Gulf freeway in Houston was already there for years before PP bought it. And for the record, I voted for Trump, will vote for Trump, celebrate the overturning of Roe vs Wade and am a single woman.

    1. Cheryl, I can totally appreciate where you are coming from. However, the author only compared the similar architectural design of the two structures. He did not say this particular building was initially designed and built for Planned Parenthood.

      I’m pretty sure he was making an inference about the spiritual and moral significance of what the two similarly shaped buildings have been used for. And in that sense, the pyramid shaped similarity of the two structures is a bit eerie when you consider the purpose and use of the Aztecan era structure.

  2. “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.” – Isaiah 3:12

    Between Barbie-brained female nitwits and the fellow-traveler Antifa brats…

  3. Liberal women want to be just like what they have ben CONDITIONED to believe what they THINK all males are – which INCLUDES being sexually promiscuous. Not being able to murder unwanted babies as an unwanted by product of that behaivoir,- interfering with a “professional” career – is importsnt to them. Hence they vote for the party which has elevsted abortion to a sacrement in their Earth worshipping Satanic new “religion”. They have also been indoctrinated by the left to reject motherhood or being pregnant as a male generated construct. Pardon my toxic masculity for showing butvthat’s the fact jack and i don’t kniw what the solution is except fior a return to a Christian or Orthodox Jewiish or Muslim base.

  4. I think liberal women are single because of two factors, or maybe it’s all in one… men don’t like liberal women and a high percentage of liberal women are lesbians. The reason I say it could be all one, is the rejected liberal women turn to lesbianism.

  5. Planned Parenthood may have been drawn to that building because it looks like a pyramid, but it was around in 1992 when I lived in Houston. Used to be a savings & loan that failed and sat empty for a long time. On the edge of the UH campus.

  6. First, I would venture to guess that when you are talking about Single Women, and blacks and Hispanics disapproving of the SC decision to throw out Roe V Wade, I would be willing to guess that a large percentage of them have no idea what the decision was. This decision is clearly what the Constitution is meant to do, to return the decision about what society should like back to the people. If black communities would like to legalize unlimited late term abortions, I’m fine with that. It will just be another reason I would prefer not to live in a black community.

    And I also disagree with the analysis of this affecting a ‘red wave’ in 2022. The Red Wave didn’t happen because of the swing states, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona having no processes to verify mail in ballots. Just as it was beyond belief that Joe Biden suddenly turned the six swing states blue, it is not believable that Republicans went 1-40 in contested seats in those swing states. And Kari Lake just proved in a court of law last month that effectively there is no signature verification happening in Maricopa county. The judge didn’t dispute that point, he merely said the law does not say the process has to effective and honest, only that they can legally claim it is a process. Until insane dishonest rulings like that are dealt with by legislatures making sure ballots are honestly counted, the people will not have representation.

  7. Gypo pretty much coverad all that I would comment. As you are a site self titled “Red Wave,” I think that you missed the boat when you seem to not understand that there WAS a red wave in 2022 . Sadly, the red wave was washed out by the massive cheating and fraud in the states that Gypo listed and a couple more like Pennsylvania. Until all/most republicans and conservatives acknowledge the massive cheating and fraud in 2020 & 2022, there will be no solution to the problem, and there will be NO end to democrats destroying the country from within.

  8. It’s a wonder the Republican party has not rolled over on the abortion issue. They seem to care little about what their base cares about these days so why should abortion be any different? All they need is a big push from the donor class or the political consultants and they’d go all in believing they’d pick up a few votes.

  9. Think about this: What kind of person would democrat harpys raise? Certainly not well adjusted “normal folk” who would add value to society. More than likely more Antifa/BLM bastards, let them take out the enemy in the womb.

  10. There WAS a red wave! It was stolen, just like 2020. Since you are validating the theft by portraying it, as a valid election means that you are not worthy of the name Red Wave.

  11. 22 million government employees, their families and friends protecting their own tax payer funded paychecks, perks and pensions is the Democrat secret weapon. Focus on that.

  12. This is nothing new. Read the Book of Genesis in the Bible. Evil knows where to go when it needs to get things done. Women.

  13. Sorry, but I believe the avoidance of the red wave last election was less a result of single women voters as it was the result of massive voter fraud in key counties of swing states.

  14. I don’t think single women are Democrats because they are single, but because they are angry. Their “not married” status isn’t because they chose not to be a bride but because they 1) were not chosen or 2) chosen but dumped. They want sexual freedom without responsibility. Both men and women have reckless sex, but women bear the consequences. “Not fair,” they claim (true…but also that’s reality). They are also heavily influenced by government propaganda making them perpetual victims. They agree with claims of men taking women’s rights (like equal pay), but ironically they are the same group of gals who approve men competing in women’s sports.

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