10 Paradigm Shifts That Shatter Establishment Illusions

Paradigm Shifts

Sometimes it feels as if we are drowning in a torrent of bad news.  I would suggest, however, that the worse people feel, the more they are waking up to the serious contests of our time.  If you are unhappy with the political, economic, and social powers manipulating the world today, the critical first step in fighting those forces is changing the way people think about them.  By that measure, people today are changing their minds about the culture and institutions around them faster than ever.  Consider some of these fundamental shifts in thinking:

(1) Good vs. evil

Not long ago, it was common for conservatives to see the Marxist left as foolishly mistaken — a collection of young and inexperienced troublemakers who would eventually “snap out” of their common delusions once forced to confront reality.

Now people understand that the left’s real mission is to reject reality.  Castrating boys so that they can pretend to be girls is not “healthy.”  Perpetuating racism as social policy is not “justice.”  Imposing a “woke” State religion over personal conscience is not “moral.”  Aiding and abetting child sex–trafficking and drug-smuggling at our borders is not “compassionate.”  Stealing property is not “equitable.”  Just as with Leninism and Maoism before, today’s leftism is evil.

(2) Parties vs. uniparty

There has been a seismic shift in the way Republican voters see political parties.  After Obama forced government-controlled health care on America, the Tea Party movement began a desperate fight against socialism’s advances.  From the energy of that movement, Republicans eventually took back the House and Senate.  Despite those triumphs, Paul Ryan rubber-stamped Obama’s budgets, while refusing to build Trump’s border wall.  McConnell’s Senate Republicans, who had run on repealing Obamacare, cemented socialized medicine with McCain’s decisive betrayal.

Grassroots voters finally rejected Establishment Republicans and catapulted outsider Donald Trump into office.  In response, Republicans quietly assisted Democrats in their attempt to remove Trump through the Russia hoax.  In the space of a decade, most Republican officeholders were outed as RINOs, before voters properly concluded that they were actually part of a single D.C. Uniparty all along.  

(3) Science vs. political manipulation

The only good thing to come out of the government’s COVID lockdowns, forced medical experimentation, and masking theater was its inadvertent creation of a Eureka! moment for tens of millions of Americans who realized that “science” has become irredeemably politicized.  When health authorities opted for experimental injections over known medical treatments, they sacrificed lives to push an agenda.  When hospitals separated families and forced vulnerable patients onto ventilators, they acted inhumanely.  When politicians and corporations censored public dissent, destroyed livelihoods, hobbled childhood development, and terrified the public with known lies, they not only proved that objective science is dead, but also committed crimes against humanity.

Bank Failure

(4) Self-determination vs. global government

Just as “RINO” and “Uniparty” have entered our lexicon as profanities, so too has “globalism.”  Without respect for the Constitution’s express prohibitions or the American public’s wishes, Deep State bureaucrats and politicians continue to surrender national sovereignty to the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, and their globalist brethren.  Americans have lost their self-determination and are now ruled by an alliance of spy agencies, central banks, multinational corporations, and transnational interest groups posing as charities.  In order to thwart a hegemonic global aristocracy, citizens must defend their national interests.

(5) Elections vs. selections

Every presidential election this century has been tainted by allegations of fraud.  Instead of remedying this public perception, election officials and courts have made things worse.  Voting has turned into a months-long affair that begins before candidates have even debated and often extends many weeks past Election “Day.”  Electronic voting machines remain vulnerable to hacks.  Mail-in balloting devoid of fundamental security, identity checks, or signature verification has transformed contests into ballot-stuffing fraud-fests orchestrated by paid political operatives.  Secretaries of state refrain from enforcing election law; attorneys general refrain from prosecuting crimes; courts rewrite statutory law to tilt elections.  Battleground states routinely suffer from inexplicable counting problems that delay the timely reporting of results.  Vote-counting lacks transparency and reproducibility.  When lawyers attempt to challenge results, their professional licenses are often threatened.  Americans overwhelmingly believe that election cheating is pervasive.

(6) Free speech vs. propaganda

Western governments are so terrified of losing control over their citizens that they attack freedom of speech as a threat to their continued monopolies over information.  Words and ideas are now labeled as “hateful” whenever they contradict official State dogma.  Debate and argument are censored as “misinformation” so as to stifle dissent.  Corporations and bureaucrats have anointed themselves as high priests for assessing “truth” or “disinformation.”  Their anti-Enlightenment efforts to smother freethinking have exposed the political Establishment as mere propagandists and bullies.

(7) Money vs. control

More and more people realize that free markets cannot exist alongside central banks that engage in rank manipulation of the economy.  Fiat currencies unbacked by precious metals are dying.  While private investment bankers and multinational corporations have benefited generously, central bank policies have destroyed ordinary Americans’ economic security.  Before the privately run Federal Reserve came into existence, Americans’ intergenerational social mobility was the highest in the world.  A century after its creation, income inequality has never been higher.  Now, in order to avert a looming economic Armageddon caused by a century of profligate spending, private banks and coercive governments seek to force everyone into a surveillance system based on central bank digital currencies.  Until we free our money from government control, totalitarian governments will use money to enslave the people.

(8) Impartial justice vs. targeted persecution

There is no faster way to destroy trust in a nation’s institutions than to use the criminal justice system as a machine for targeting political enemies.  Yet that is exactly what the FBI, the Department of (in)Justice, and their unethical allies donning black robes, have done.  In any country suffering from corruption, a telltale sign is when agency heads choose to rebuke ordinary citizens for no longer having faith in the system.  A healthy system, in contrast, never fears public challenge.  The people, upon whose consent government legitimacy rests, have a duty to call out corruption.  Consider it an admission of guilt, then, when FBI director Wray or Attorney General Garland condemns Americans for correctly noticing their two-tiered application of “justice.”

(9) Republic vs. empire

As Mark Twain succinctly noted, “America cannot have an empire abroad and a Republic at home.”  It did not work for the Romans, and it has not worked for American citizens since the end of WWII.  The U.S. Constitution severely limits the powers of the federal government while maximizing the powers of the states and the people.  Congress alone has the power to declare war.  The vast administrative bureaucracy has been divined from thin air.  The states have no obligation to obey the federal government when it acts unconstitutionally.  D.C. has transformed its limited powers into a global juggernaut beyond accountability.  In the process, Americans’ inherent rights and liberties have been abandoned.

(10) Civil war vs. revolution for independence

As Americans have come to terms with these revelations, they have also realized something else: the federal government spends an awful lot of time and resources dividing Americans against one another.  Should ordinary citizens ever seek to reclaim their liberties, that future conflict will resemble not America’s regional Civil War, but rather the Revolutionary War’s struggle against government tyranny.

We are living through a combustible era in which common Establishment illusions shatter daily.  Paradigm shifts in the way people see their world advance in short years, rather than over decades or centuries.  Is this revolution of the mind uncomfortable?  Absolutely.  It is also the quintessential feature of every great awakening.

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  1. Stupid is as stupid does. All the machinations by the criminals in our government proves to me that humans have lost the capability to govern themselves equitably as the infighting and lying continues to destroy a very vibrant system of governance. All it takes is an “Obedient” and stupid populace to buy into the lies and believe the opposite of everything real in our reality.

    When humans get bored they do some of the stupidest things imaginable with a narcissistic self-righteousness that borders on sociopathy. Take a good look at what the Biden Administration’s handlers are doing by constantly poking the Russian Bear and sneering at the Chinese Dragon daring either to jump the shark, as it were.

  2. You missed a big one paradigm shift, which is:
    There Was as major civilization 10s of thousands of years ago that was more highly advanced than we are today.
    Evidence: the Bosnian Pyramids, check utube videos about.
    Also Curious Being channel on utube.
    Your current list only shows how incredibly stupid human beings are today, when compared to the Lost Civilization.

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