10 Signs Indicating the U.S., the UK, Israel and NATO All Believe We Are on the Precipice of War With Russia

War With Russia

Are we about to stumble into a war that nobody wants?  As I will explain below, it would be so easy to avoid a military conflict with Russia, but the people running our foreign policy have ruled out any easy solutions.  Instead, they seem absolutely determined to have some sort of a macho showdown with Russia, and that is extremely dangerous.  Sadly, these days most Americans can’t even identify our current Secretary of State, and the name “Jake Sullivan” means absolutely nothing to the vast majority of the population.  But these are the guys that are telling the senile old guy in the Oval Office what to do about Russia.

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What the Russians want is not complicated.

They don’t want western missiles in Ukraine, and they don’t want Ukraine to join NATO.

Those two requests are not unreasonable.  Just imagine how we would feel if Canada joined a military alliance with Russia and all of a sudden there were Russian missiles stationed all along the U.S.-Canadian border.

We wouldn’t like that very much, would we?

Well, that is how the Russians feel about the situation in Ukraine.

The Russians have put their requests into two draft treaties, but those two draft treaties have been firmly rejected by the Biden administration

Speaking to reporters following talks in Geneva with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov on Friday, Blinken said that the American side had given a “firm and substantive” response to two draft treaties proposed by Moscow.

“I made clear to Minister Lavrov that there are certain principles that the US, our partners and allies, are committed to defend. That includes those that would impede the sovereign right of the Ukrainian people to write their own future. There is no trade-space there – none,” he said.

If Blinken, Sullivan and the rest of Joe Biden’s national security team were actually competent, this crisis could be over by now.

But instead they have made it clear that there will be absolutely no compromises.

So where do we go from here?

The following are 10 signs that indicate that the U.S., the UK, Israel and NATO all believe that we are on the precipice of war with Russia…

#1 The U.S. State Department has issued a formal travel advisory warning that Americans should stay out of Ukraine.

#2 The U.S. and the UK are both reducing embassy staffing levels in Kyiv.

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#3 Family members of U.S. embassy personnel in Kyiv are being evacuated.

#4 Israel is planning a “mass evacuation” of Jewish people from Ukraine.

#5 CNN is reporting that as many as “8,500 US troops have been put on heightened alert for a possible deployment to Eastern Europe”.

#6 The New York Times is reporting that the Biden administration is also considering sending “warships and aircraft” into the region.

#7 Other western European nations are also preparing to send forces to eastern Europe…

Denmark is sending a frigate and deploying F-16 warplanes to Lithuania; Spain will send warships and could send fighter jets to Bulgaria; and France stands ready to send troops to Romania.

#8 A British news source is reporting that “hundreds of military trains packed with Russian troops” have been moving into Belarus.

#9 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is alleging that the Russians are planning a “lightning war that could take out Kyiv”.

#10 The U.K.’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office has announced that they have obtained information “suggesting that the Russian government is plotting to install a pro-Kremlin leader in Kyiv”.


Despite all of the hysteria, I personally do not believe that war will erupt immediately.

But without a doubt, the stage is definitely being set for the sort of military conflict with Russia that I have been warning about for many years.

Meanwhile, the U.S. also continues to provoke China.

This weekend, two U.S. aircraft carrier groups “began operations in the South China Sea”

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Two US aircraft carrier groups have entered the disputed South China Sea as Chinese Air Force planes continue to fly near Taiwan, which China also claims.

The US Navy says two carrier strike groups, led by the USS Carl Vinson and USS Abraham Lincoln, began operations in the South China Sea on Saturday.

If you really want to piss off China, that is a great way to do it.

In response, the Chinese sent large numbers of warplanes into Taiwanese airspace on Sunday and Monday

On Monday, the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense said 13 Chinese planes flew into the country’s Air Defense Identification Zone. Taiwan reported 39 Chinese Air Force planes in the protected air space on Sunday.

I know that the Russians are getting far more attention from the mainstream media right now, but we are also getting dangerously close to a military conflict with the Chinese.

The national security team that Joe Biden has surrounded himself with are extremely incompetent, and they are also a bunch of warmongers.

MPS Vesta

Needless to say, that is an exceedingly combustible combination.

It is the worst national security team in the history of the United States by a wide margin, and I am entirely convinced that they are going to spark a war.

Hopefully it will not be next week or even next month, but without a doubt the clock is ticking.

These warmongers are making colossal mistake after colossal mistake, and it won’t be too long before we all pay a great price for their ineptitude.

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  1. Make no mistake, the U.S. mainland will become part of the battle.

    Death and Persecution

    If you do not know where this list comes, may God have mercy on you.

    1. So much phony baloney hype about war with Russia. Putin is NOT stupid, like the criminal rube in the White House. Putin will walk right into Ukraine without a shot being fired and the rube will stick his tail under his ass and run away. Just as the criminal traitor Obama gave away Crimea, the criminal schmuck will give away Ukraine. No reason to get all upset, simply watch cartoons to take your minds off the stupidity in the world.

      1. Why was Crimea “ours (O’dumbo’s) to give away.” What business of ours is it who controls the Crimea? Crimea has been part of Russia since before the creation of the formerly United States.

  2. This is not necessary. It is happening because the current regimes all need to distract angry constituents from their epic plandemic fail.

    It’s a distraction. It will probably work.

    Annoying as all hey’ll!

  3. Meanwhile, Biden shyts his pants again. Not due to fear… that would require brains, but due to his aged spinkter taking a break.

  4. Remember, Biden is so far down in the polls he NEEDS a war to prop himself up. We should vehemently object to this incursion much like the antiwar protests of the 60s.

  5. The perception of weakness is what leads to war. Notice how communist adversaries are kept in remission by strong US presidents. The fact that we somehow elected a senile figurehead is not at all a coincidence with the meltdown in Afghanistan and the pending loss of Ukraine and Taiwan.

    81 million people voted for this. Most secure election in history. Sure.

    1. And the check is in the mail. Anyone that believes the presidential election was fair probably believes there is no inflation, food shortages, raising gas prices, the moon is made of green cheese and Bill Clinton never had sex with that woman.

      1. Um, lets go through a few facts you seem to have missed.
        1: You haven’t had a legitimate “president” since the “country” went into bankruptcy in 1933.
        2: There is no “inflation”. Inflation is a propaganda lie put out by the “banking tribe”. Point in FACT: It gets progressively CHEAPER to produce and distribute goods, NOT more expensive. What you have been trained to call “inflation” is actually the INTENTIONAL DEVALUATION OF YOUR MONEY. Inflation is a complete lie. Only devaluation exists.
        3: “Food shortages” are intentional to force compliance “vaccination”.
        4: Raising gas prices are intentional to shrink the spending power of middle and lower classes.
        5: Pretty certain cheese does not exist on the moon. Man-made structures, ruins, skeletal remains, however…
        6: Bill Clinton is just another puppet and what he does is irrelevant to a degree you’ll likely never understand.

        If there’s anything else I can clear up for you, do let me know.

  6. Ukraine is under CIA control via the Zionist JEW agents Pinchuk, Kolomoyskyi, Akhmetov, and Firtash. Everything happening there is by Zionist / CIA design. Time to pull the plug on “our” “intelligence” agencies.

    1. And there it is. I knew there would be at least one comment on the Jews getting us into more wars.

      You might want to thank the our weak President, our woke administration for this crises not the Jews.

      Never fails!

      1. Um, you can say whatever you like to deflect away from inconvenient truths. It matters not. THIS IS A FACT:
        Pinchuk, Kolomoyskyi, Akhmetov, and Firtash ARE ALL JEWISH. This isn’t ME having a problem, it’s YOU having a problem because you’ve been too brainwashed since Kindergarten to realize what’s right in front of you.

        I supposed the fact the CDC, WHO, CEO’s of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J all being Jewish is MY problem, too, right? Just some statistically impossible coincidence that I should be blamed for even pointing out.

        You know, I’m about tired of ignorant people being unable to see past their “Diary of Anne Frank” programming. I REALLY am.

  7. Putin is now and always will be a KGB thug and he is still butt hurt about the fall of the Soviet Union and the failure of communism. Russia has nothing to fear from a free Ukraine or their membership in NATO if NATO even wanted them as a member. NATO was created to counter Russian/USSR aggression and NOT to go on the offensive against the communists.

  8. Wow, these comments certainly run the gammut from one end of the spectrum to the other… refreshing, in light of all the echo chambers out there.

    Anyway, my question to anyone with a willingness to engage: This article mentions “western missiles”… which missiles are we talking about, anyway? Journalists love to blanket weapons systems together under some umbrella term and then bandy them about with abandon…

    If we’re talking about offensive, surface-to-surface missile platforms (be them conventional or nuclear), I agree… we don’t need to arm Ukraine in a way that is threatening to their neighbors in that capacity. There are enough warheads cruising around the depths of the oceans to set us back to at least the pre-Industrial age.

    If we’re talking about the Javelin anti-tank missiles (or similar) tactical weapons platforms, then no, Russia doesn’t just get cart blanche to invade. That would be like saying it’s cool for the police to invade Blanche’s condo because she bought a snub-nosed .357 to protect her weekly cribbage game from all the unruly Irish thugs, listening to their hooligan Irish folk music at all hours. Unless we’re also selling them APCs or attack helicopters to mount them on, anti-tank missile batteries have a primary utility: fending off hordes of armor, something the Sov…SORRY, something the Russians have had a love affair with since they finally turned things around at Stalingrad in late 42/early 43.

    If those are indeed the missile systems we are talking about, what this amounts to is Russia saying “Oh shit, these cats fixin to be defendin themselves, we better use all this expensive military hardware before it gets too dangerous.”

    In any case, pre-emptively defending a pending invasion of a sovereign nation should be done with a little more detail and understanding. No, we wouldn’t want a bunch of SS-26’s pointed at us from Canada… no argument… however, if Canada feels the need to purchase a bunch of AT-14s, that should ONLY concern us if we were planning on invading Canada.

  9. Ukraine has a sordid history with Russia. To break the back of the anti-communist resistance in Ukraine, Stalin confiscated and removed via rail, almost all of the Ukrainian wheat harvest. The resultant forced starvation killed an estimated 3.9 million human beings. The Ukrainians have not forgotten this. Then, to make matters worse, in an effort to Russify all the non-Russian nations forced into the Soviet Union, Stalin relocated huge numbers of Russians to “colonize” those countries. The goal was to permanently bind them to Moscow. This is why there are so many “Russians” living in eastern Ukraine. They are about as legitimate as any land thief could be. Now Putin is arguing that Ukraine is mistreating these “Russians” and claiming a need to protect them. This is the same lie Hitler used to demand the Sudetenland from then Czechoslovakia. On top of that, what gives Russia or the US the right to determine whether or not Ukraine joins or does not join NATO? This is more and more sounding like Chamberlain giving the Sudetenland to Hitler in Munich and then claiming “Peace in our time!” All we have done is change the names and nationalities. Putin in place of Hitler and Biden in place of Chamberlain.

    1. For those who don’t know history, he’s speaking of Holodomor.

      We must never forget that the orchestrators and organizers of the Bolshevik revolution, the Holodomor, and many anti-white genocidal atrocities were committed by none other than our “friends” the JEWS.

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