A Commie Coalition of Racists, Butchers, Liars, and Ghouls


Kamala cackles at Korea’s DMZ.  Braindead Biden speaks to ghosts.  Wicked Witch Hillary curses America with lies.  Halloween season must be here.  Except the evil that Democrats do lasts all year long.  Filled with racists, butchers, killers, liars, misanthropes, thieves, and snobs, the commie coalition of leftists in America pursues nothing but harm.  Feasting on children, spreading fear and hate, they are the carnival horror show no sane person would dare permit through the gates.  Wherever their power grows, Dems bring darkness (thanks, Green New Deal!), scary times, and frightening monsters.  (Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, after all.)

It is clear that the commie coven has cast a spell upon the country, transfixing too many otherwise rational-thinking Americans into supporting wicked things.  Who could be in favor of explicitly judging people by the color of their skin?  Who could support secretly grooming innocent children to partake in sexual fantasies?  Who could promote mutilating a child’s body as if “transgenderism” were a sacred rite?  Who could demand that babies be sacrificed on the altar of convenience?  Who could preach that freedom is sinful and that obedience to government is divine?  Who could maliciously scare billions with the unscientific doomsaying of imminent climate apocalypse?  Who could steal food and fuel from the poor, while global elites choose who will be lucky enough to eat?  Who could teach Westerners self-loathing on such a grand scale?  Surely only very wicked people could do such things.  Or people who have become lost in the delusions of malevolent magicians who seed discord, spread lies, feed on pain, despoil innocence, and thrive on hate.

Leftism really is a curse because it twists minds into believing hideous things.  Saying, “All lives matter,” is somehow racist.  Wanting to “Make America Great” somehow spreads hate.  Treating people equally regardless of skin color promotes “white supremacy.”  Rewarding merit and hard work does, too.  The less someone thinks of race, the more that person is condemned as “racist,” while the more someone obsesses over race, the more “virtuous” that person is said to be.  Only “racists” today treat people of all shades the same.

What a sick world the commies have built.  White adolescent males have been intentionally left behind.  Their rates for academic achievement have plummeted, while their rates for alcohol and drug dependence continue to rise.  They are lonely, without purpose, and suicidal as never before, yet the merciless Marxists beat them over the head with allegations of their miraculous “supremacy.”  There are no scholarships for “white boys.”  There are no clubs where they are encouraged to belong.  They are not invited to succeed.  Books, television shows, and movies relentlessly paint them as the villains.  The federal bureaucracy treats them as potential “domestic threats.”  The stories of their ancestors are rewritten as shameful tales best to forget.  They have become the eternal whipping post for the hideously racist political left.  

Where has compassion gone?  To where has the dream of a colorblind world vanished?  Why must young innocents be punished for perceived “sins” committed in the distant past?  Who could possibly justify looking through a person’s character and seeing instead nothing but oppressive hues?  Only a race-obsessed commie coalition seeking to divide.  Only hateful demagogues who maintain power by teaching others to despise.

In America, former president but lifelong Marxist Barack Obama can slander proponents of secure borders as racists, and nobody bats an eye.  Babbling Vice President Harris can promise to disburse federal funds for victims of Hurricane Ian based on Americans’ skin color, and corporate news talking heads applaud.  Nancy Pelosi can justify millions of illegal aliens as necessary for picking crops, and America’s most race-obsessed pretend not to hear.  White victims can be violently targeted on the street by criminal gangs, and Democrat mayors cover up their race-based crimes.  Beloved statues and monuments honoring the world historical achievements of America’s Founding Fathers can be defiled and toppled, and no arrests are ever made.  A white male waving the American flag or singing the National Anthem too proudly, however, is condemned for not proactively apologizing for the color of his skin.  Hidden “racist” intent is seen lurking in every corner of society.  Americans insufficiently dedicated to racial grievance are “canceled” for imaginary sins.  Those unwilling to rewrite history are punished.  Those who refuse to believe in “woke” delusions are derided.  That’s how the left helps evil win.

900x250 - Goldco Ben Stein Report

It has been said often that a culture can be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable, and by any measure the West will soon be harshly judged.  It was not enough to legalize abortion while promising to keep it rare.  The killing of children had to be embraced, then universalized, then celebrated, and finally used as an absurd “human right” cudgel against its opponents.  It was not enough to redefine the ancient institution of marriage when destroying the traditional family was the Marxists’ ultimate goal.  It was never about preaching “tolerance” for others when the political left steadfastly refuses to leave God-fearing Americans alone.

Young students forced to endure Marxist indoctrination may be surprised to learn that a short time ago there was no confusion over biological sex.  Nowhere in the world did any culture, scientific body, or human rights group find it controversial to believe in the existence of biologically-defined women and men.  Parents had no trouble distinguishing their daughters from their sons.  Schools had no need to invent hundreds of “genders” to account for each human’s uniqueness.  Medicine had not been so politicized as to turn basic genetics upside-down.  Only a few years of propaganda and brainwashing, though, were sufficient for thousands of years of human history to be tossed out.  What unbelievable witchcraft it is to transform a basic fact of life into a divisive curse for argument and division.  How sinister it is to teach toddlers outright lies.  How barbaric it is to encourage boys and girls to take life-altering hormones and undergo irreversible surgeries before ever growing up.  What ghoulish monsters the Marxists are for mangling bodies, manipulating psyches, and ruining lives.

As if teaching racism, butchering children, and killing babies were not enough, the left’s horror tale is not complete without the frightful terrors of global warming.  So committed they are to centralized government power and so obsessed they are with unchecked population growth that the Marxists would rather terrify the world with visions of destruction than let children grow up with hope.  To tell kids that their parents are killing them with “fossil” fuels.  To spread outrageous propaganda that the world does not have long to live.  What sinister intent inspires such apocalyptic prevarications?  What kind of evil people spread such fear and dread? 

It takes a certain kind of monster to intentionally hurt and scare the weak.  It takes a certain kind of villain to terrorize the poor.  It takes awfully racist people to obsess over the color of children’s skin.  It takes misanthropic Marxists to spin lies of planetary horror.  Yet the evil that men do succeeds only when good men choose to remain silent.  So speak up loudly every day.  Break the leftists’ spells.  Chase the wicked far away.  And never be compliant.

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  2. On January 10, 1963, The 45 Communist Goals to Takeover America was read into the House Congressional record (Appendix, pp. A34-A35).

    Among them was Goal # 17 which directs the following:

    1. Get control of the schools (K through college). Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Progressive (Communist) propaganda.

    2. Soften the curriculum (dumb down the students). Instead of math, reading, science, and The Constitution, divert their attention and time with propaganda that divides Americans such as race, envy (rich vs poor, the “haves vs the have-nots”, “Diversity”, “Equity”, “Tolerance”, “Inclusion”, white privilege, global warming, gay and transgenderism, climate change, and identity politics– All are dog whistles for Cultural Marxism).

    3. Discourage the teaching of American history or distort it. The less they know, the more easily they can be manipulated… This is why they are destroying statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Christopher Columbus and renaming historical landmarks. They are purposefully trying to erase our culture and history.

    4. Get control of teachers’ unions and associations… Done.

    Vladimir Lenin: ‘Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.’…

    We are already at least two generations in.

  3. The most important part of this well written piece is the call to arms at the end. Yes, we must not be silent. Get over your fear of confrontation. Embrace the fight. Live for the conflict. No more retreat. Christian warriors are being summoned to save our country. Find your courage, step up, and be counted.

    1. Mattbnj evil stood in the Light of Day for Months an then years an then in the Blink of a
      Eye both POO- litcal bands shut DOWN
      Than A Very Stable Genius whom I worked an paid for ,an prayed for
      An Hoped was The Old Rough Rider going to take the MORAL HIGH GROUND
      Destroyed his only true RESPONSIBILITY
      45 give up the First Amendment to EVIL
      Than almost all the PASTORS
      Stood STILL
      Of what is in
      Psalm 91
      I knew the EVIL
      It call
      And I quote
      Because YOU have the
      LORD for your
      PSALM 91
      It can only come when GOOD MEN
      The PEOPLE
      Like the Founders
      Who trampled The LION
      The DRAGON is clear to see
      Bought an paid for by
      Stolen TAXS
      Seek this book
      Fear GOD and take your Own PARTS
      Written in 1913
      Theodore Roosevelt
      Understood the MORAL HIGH GROUND
      He wrote the book on it in
      FEAR GOD

  4. Your article is very spot on, but you forgot to mention that the communist maniacs are taking us to the edge of nuclear annihilation that only a madmen would dare try with their obsession to dethrone the leader of a country with 6,000 nukes aimed at us just to defend a small time dictator of an obscure country most people cannot even find on a map.

  5. What a well written Article! Something worth reading and well formulated.
    It is sad that we’ve come to this… right is wrong, and wrong is right.

  6. Very good summary of how most of us feel these days. Too bad no leftists will ever read this. Pretty much preaching to the choir. But its important. Many conservatives are woefully uneducated about what’s happening in our country & the world. Oh, and the “most vulnerable” also includes animals. We must as conservatives stand up for animals, make factory farming more humane and make penalities for hurting animals, felonies with mandatory prison. Of course we’ll have to win back out country first, something that probably will never happen now. The leftists have outmaneuvered the right at almost every turn. It was ONLY because of Donald Trump that we had hope from 16-20. They then stole the election and now we’re tumbling down the pipe, to be swallowed up by the lefitst swamp. The left has proven itself smarter and more cunning by far while the right, aqrgues among themselves with EVERYONE thinking that only THEY know ‘how it is’. Too many chiefs and not enough indians. Oh, is that wrong to say? Is it politically incorrect? I hope so.

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