A Revolution in the Minds of the People


“What do We mean by the Revolution?  The War?  That was no part of the Revolution.  It was only an Effect and Consequence of it.  The Revolution was in the Minds of the People, and this was effected, from 1760 to 1775, in the course of fifteen Years before a drop of blood was drawn at Lexington.”

Those are the words of John Adams from a letter written to Thomas Jefferson in 1815, nearly forty years after the colonies declared their independence.  Having had more than enough time to grapple with the world-shifting events the two revolutionaries helped set in motion and looking back from the vantage point of success in their endeavors, Adams understood that American victory did not belong to the historical giants of their time, but rather emerged from the thoughts and dreams of the common people.

His conclusion is no less true today than it was back then.  Before you can transform any system, you must first liberate the minds trapped within that system.  If that sounds like an impossible task, it is not.  In 1760, the American colonies were not united, and the American colonials were loyal to a far-off king.  Fifteen years later, their revolutionary fervor turned the world upside-down.  Today, Americans are not united, and the American government appears loyal to the World Economic Forum’s king.  Consider where we’ll be fifteen years from now.  Things appear to happen awfully fast for those in power when they insist on burying their heads in quicksand.

I make no bones about it: I have a guttural revulsion to one-world-government types who seek to rule the world by turning domestic populations against themselves.  “Divide and conquer” is the only strategy they know, and oppression disguised as altruism is the only outcome they bring.  They speak obsessively about racism not because they seek racial peace, but rather because the exploitation of such petty, ancient hatreds distracts people from the real problems those with power continue to create.  They preach about “climate change” not because they fear that our planet is coming to an end, but because scaring humanity into handing governments complete control over the use of energy hands governments complete control over humanity as well.  They hyperventilate over COVID variants today not because they seek to save lives, but because they seek to monitor and manipulate every movement of every life from here on out.

Just this week, the World Health Organization is putting the finishing touches on a set of amendments to its International Health Regulations that seek to further weaken American sovereignty and empower bureaucrats in faraway, foreign offices to bully ordinary Americans in the name of “health.”  The Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit dedicated to religious freedom, has done an excellent job going through the forty-six pages of proposed amendments to highlight a few of the most obscene:

  • In Article 1, the WHO is transformed from an advisory body to a governing body whose “standing recommendations” may be legally binding.
  • In Article 3, the agency seeks to remove any formal limitations upon its power formerly requiring it to maintain “respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons,” and instead replaces this language with a Marxist commitment to “principles of equity, inclusivity, [and] coherence.”
  • In Article 13A, the WHO’s director general is empowered to redistribute wealth from advanced nations to poorer nations.
  • In Article 18, the WHO is empowered to mandate treatments, proof of vaccination, contact tracing, and quarantines.
  • Throughout the forty-six pages of proposals, the WHO creates the institutional structure for digital vaccine passports.
  • In Article 45, the WHO is empowered to disclose personal health data.
  • In Annex 1, the WHO is empowered to censor what it determines to be misinformation or disinformation.

At the end of the day, who watches WHO(m)?  Certainly not the American people!  Three years of COVID-1984 insanity put on steroids and made permanent, so that the World Economic Forum’s global cabal can have a new, powerful toy.  What an absolute totalitarian nightmare!  Relax, the kind, international health authorities tell the world’s peasants.  We come in peace.  We need only for you to hand over your dignity, human rights, and freedoms and submit to our system of Marxist socialism, forced medical experimentation, lockdowns, digital tracking, and censorship — and in exchange, we will save your lives!  Scratch that, you have no choice; our directives are now legally binding!  Ha-ha, suckers!  Science!

Chuck Norris

Tyranny always comes in the form of false benevolence in which those who profess to be doing the most good are actually orchestrating deep and costly harm.  It should be no surprise that totalitarianism today arrives under the guise of medical authority.  When spiritual faith and moral virtue are eliminated from society, scientific “objectivity” becomes the perfect vehicle for spreading tyranny because its priests insist that a higher power of unbiased professionalism guides their actions.

When the “golden rule” is replaced with the cold, diagnostic rule of “just following the science,” great evils are perpetrated against humanity — in the name of humanity — at the behest of self-declared learned men.  Eugenics, genocide, and forced sterilization all had the resolute backing of “science” at one time, and those who insist on forgetting those atrocities while elevating transgender mutilation, abortion on demand, “climate change” population control, and forced experimental COVID injections in their stead only place themselves in a special category of “useful idiot” for future historians to dissect.

While the United Nations and World Health Organization work the science angle to strip Americans of their rights and liberties, Pretend President Biden has joined hands with his communist comrades in arms from Canada and Mexico to release a joint “Declaration of North America,” in which Biden, Trudeau, and López-Obrador make clear that American sovereignty and self-determination will be replaced with a Marxist, bureaucratic super-state.  Echoing the WHO’s newly created mission objectives, North America’s Commie Declaration asserts that government obsessions with diversity, inclusion, equity, climate change, mass migration, and health will forever take precedence over individual liberty, limited government, constitutional safeguards, or the Bill of Rights.  Welcome to the “ruling class’s” progressive vision for Americans’ future, in which a tyranny of self-proclaimed expertise will be used to smother Americans’ freedoms for their “own good.”  It goes without saying that the DNA should be put on DNR ASAP.

Does this make you mad?  Does this get under your skin and put a grimace on your face?  Good.  Cold, righteous anger is what changes the world — not the Machiavellian machinations of the World Economic Forum’s national security surveillance State.  The globalists have bought into their new deterministic religion that quantifies human beings as nothing more than algorithms that can be manipulated at will to do the bidding of the self-identified “ruling elites.”  They see themselves as “gods” and the rest of us as “ones” and “zeroes” who have no free will of our own.  As with all destroyers of humanity who falsely identify as its saviors, they are blinded by ignorance and consumed by hate.  While they seek more and more control over humanity, they are waking up more and more humans who refuse to be controlled.  They are reminding the world that the real battle before us is between “progressivism’s” obsession with death and the human race’s natural inclination to be free.

When George Washington crossed the Delaware River in a surprise attack against Hessian forces on Christmas Day, after all, he didn’t first ask permission from a Deep State or make sure the health bureaucracy said, “okay.”  No Dr. Fauci, WHO, or DNA could have gotten in the general’s way.  What the globalists don’t understand is that in America and throughout the West, the Delaware River lies just ahead.  And once a revolution in the minds of the people begins, they’ll waste no time getting to the other shore.

Daderot, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

    1. Mine too, why do you think they are trying mightily to take them away? Absent their treasonous gun grab they are trying to reduce our numbers with poisons, incarceration and propaganda.

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  1. Here’s what you face, when it comes to the “minds of the people”:
    1: The idea that “Jews” are the “chosen people” (they’re NOT).
    2: The idea that “Jesus” was a “Jew”. (He WASN’T.)
    3: The idea that “communism” is somehow “Chinese” or “Russian”. (It’s not. Communism comes from JEWS.)
    4: The idea that “Jews” are “Hebrews” or “Israelites”. (They AREN’T.)
    5: The idea that COVID is a “Chinese bioweapon”. (It’s not – it’s a JEWISH PROPAGANDA WEAPON.)
    6: The idea that “Jews” are our FRIENDS. (They aren’t. They want to enslave us and/or murder us. Stated goals on the record, folks – want quotes?)

    Here’s just a little factoid to “whet your whistles”:
    Bryan Kohberger, who (ahem…”allegedly”…) murdered 4 (possibly 6) students in Idaho (and possibly a few other locations) is a JEW. And EVERY ONE OF HIS VICTIMS WAS WHITE. Which is to say, the murders in Idaho were JEW ON WHITE RITUAL MURDER and JEW ON WHITE RACIAL VIOLENCE.

    Have ANY of you heard mention of the fact he’s a JEW mentioned in the media?
    Of course not – they want you to think he’s WHITE.
    Bryan Kohberger is NOT WHITE. He is JEWISH, and JEWISH is NOT WHITE.
    Wake up, folks. PLEASE.

    1. That’s the most racist rant I’ve seen in a long time.
      You’ve really drunk deeply of that antisemitic kool-aid, haven’t you letmepicyou.

      The truth is the exact opposite of everything you claim.

      1. You’re a lying Jew.
        Notice how the lying Jew doesn’t take a single line item and disprove it.
        Every single thing I said is true, and everyone here knows it.
        And using your little Jew terms (Racist? Read Trotsky much???) has zero effect on the truth.

        And by the way, idiot. Jews aren’t Semitic. ARABS are Semitic. CAUCASIANS are Semitic. JEWS are NOT.

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