Airlines Trade Group Warns Government That 5g Rollout Might Disrupt Flights Throughout U.s.

Airlines trade group warns government that 5G rollout might disrupt flights throughout U.S.

A major airlines trade group asked the federal government to delay the rollout of next-generation 5G communications technology near airports, claiming that the new tech may interfere with onboard airline equipment when put into use.

Airlines for America in a bid to the government “requested that [the FCC] delay the use of the service near airports such as George Bush Airport in Houston, John F. Kennedy in New York and Newark Liberty in New Jersey,” according to news reports.

The FCC has allegedly “​​never provided a reasoned analysis” as to why it is planning to roll out 5G in spite of concerns from the aviation industry, the group said.

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  1. Isn’t it strange that it take a huge corporate industry to get mainstream talking heads to be alarmed at the increase of electronic pollution in our air around us?
    For years, as the amount and intensity of electric signals have increased, individuals have cried out that something was going wrong. Even the natural world has been adversely affected. And just as ‘progress’ has ever increasingly amped up the strength of signals around us, our enemies are using this same technology against us. Barely audible sound waves have been directed at US personnel for years and have caused severe injury to many of them. The increase of 5G technology will only lead to further destruction of human and natural life as well.

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