Angry, Creepy, Cowardly Joe

Angry Joe

Wow.  Angry, creepy, sleepy Dementia Joe gave another one of his atrocious Sieg heil! speeches on Wednesday blaming MAGA Republicans for his failures, and the wannabe tyrant could not have come off more revolting.  (Could he be any more despicable? — sorry, Chandler Bing.)  If his imbecilic ranting had any strategic objective, it got lost (much like Biden) in the disgustingly un-American backwash frothing from his vitriol.  He sounded like some mad-hatted, off-kilter offspring of Stalin, Hillary Clinton, and a caca-throwing howler monkey.  It is a wonder that he refrained from calling for public MAGA executions right then and there!  Our mentally-challenged, child-grooming, puppet dictator was clearly going for the dumb, pervy, pro-gulag vote with a mindless diatribe meant to do nothing but threaten and divide Americans.

As has evidently become official U.S. government policy, Slow-Joe’s speech consisted of nothing but vilification, calumny, and lies.  He tried to paint the hammer-wielding commie Castro nudist who Houdini-ed his way past security to invade Paul Pelosi’s personal space as a card-carrying member of Team Trump, yet the absurdity of turning a far-left, drug-addled hippy into a MAGA mascot was far too removed from reality to resemble anything but flagrant propaganda.  The speech (such as it was) went downhill from there.  It was evil MAGA did this, insurrection that, democracy is hanging by a thread, Oceania must defeat Eurasia — regurgitated gibberish all!  For as little sense as his insults and threats made, Slanderous Joe might as well have screamed, “Trunalimunumaprzuredu eshuur dez whee vild mehrcaargle-barglejiggery-pokerybark-bark.  I’m Jill Biden, and I approve this message.”

Oh, and Mail-In-Ballot Biden went out of his way to warn Americans that it would take many days for midterm votes to be counted before this year’s elections are “officially” concluded.  Criminelly, tell me you plan on stealing the elections without saying you plan on stealing the elections, why don’t you!  (Get out and vote anyway!  The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.)

The ol’ child-sniffer-in-chief sounded more like a Latin American commie crook than an American politician.  Maybe Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez never actually died but came up north disguised as a doltish, decrepit, corrupt, third-rate Delaware politician with the inside skinny on how best to rig an election.  If that’s not Chávez wearing a Joe Biden mask, then what’s left of Go-Low-Joe’s pudding mind is pure Marxist malevolence.  What a disgrace!

Forget unworthy comparisons to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Reagan, or Trump.  Ventriloquist Dummy Biden couldn’t — in his wildest dreams — manage to lead an army, write and speak eloquently, or succeed in the private sector beyond the safe confines of quid-pro-quo corruption and life on the public dole.  He has no talents or gifts that distinguish him in any way.  His singular accomplishment is that he has managed to hold office in Washington, D.C., for half a century.  Yet that feat distinguishes him as a mere barnacle clinging to the ship of State, sponging off the accomplishments of other larger-than-life American leaders who swam the Potomac’s currents as political whales.  What is more, American voters have known this about him for decades, as they overwhelmingly rejected him in two previous humiliating runs for the White House before Basement-Dwelling Biden managed to collect enough mail-in ballots (wink-wink) to make him the most popularly elected president in American history.  You see, if you harvest enough ballots (and break enough election rules), you can miraculously go from worst to first in no time.  Uff-da.

Two questions kept running through my mind as I watched the sleazy spectacle unfold: (1) How has America fallen so far?; and (2) Who in their right mind would ever go fight a war overseas for this fraud?

Chuck Norris

As for the first question, the answer’s pretty obvious: slow and steady ruination orchestrated from within the cesspool of government.  You spend the last century undermining America’s federalist system by stealing inherent powers reserved for the states and the American people and transferring them to some unholy Frankensteinian D.C. monster recklessly wielding unconstitutional authority.  You distort the delegated separation of powers so completely that the Supreme Court writes laws, the Executive Branch declares war, unaccountable bureaucratic agents browbeat ordinary American citizens, and Congress conducts show trials, while cashing checks from the big-monied interests politicians actually represent.  

You go out of your way to teach America’s children that Almighty God is not real and that God-given freedom is made-up; and then you spend decades teaching those children’s children that Big Government is the highest power, and that the almighty State will reward “politically correct” subjects with a lot of “free” stuff if they remain well-behaved.  You mock virtue and sacrifice, character and courage; and you place sin, vice, and other cheaply obtained pursuits of no worth high on a pedestal, as if they should be idolized as precious luxuries to be pursued and adored.  

You open America’s borders to too many outsiders who don’t share the nation’s values or history.  You disrespect citizens and ignore their needs and complaints.  You orchestrate fraud-filled elections that destroy trust and breed hostility.  You redefine the plain meaning of words, peddle propaganda, and smother truth.  You turn the “free” press into controlled organs of the State.  You transform the courts into a two-tiered criminal (in)justice system that protects the powerful and persecutes the powerless.  You disgrace the Department of Justice by using FBI agents and federal prosecutors as political partisans, inquisitors, and cheaply bought whores. 

You do all this, shake the whole sordid mess in society’s giant tumbler until it’s ready to explode, and throw the nasty, stinking awfulness out back until it smells like vulture vomit baking in the hot summer sun.  Then, and only then, have you created a concoction so revolting and unsavory that someone as venal, petty, and repugnant as Joe Biden can walk past the stench without anyone much noticing. 

As for the second question, I honestly don’t know why anyone would sacrifice life and limb to defend China Joe’s woketrans-obsessed, identity politics-oriented Defense Department or the Pentagon’s Big Brother pals in the Deep State today.  If anyone needed more proof that politics — not warfighting or service members’ survival — reigns supreme, the disastrous and deadly Afghan retreat was a searing and unpleasant reminder.  Furthermore, it’s no longer clear just whom Biden’s apparatchiks consider the real enemy.  When the U.S. Intelligence Community is used to hunt American citizens for their political beliefs, it’s way past time for Americans to question why they would fight for those who are already waging war against them.  On Wednesday, Biden all but declared MAGA Americans “enemies of the State.”  On Thursday, his chief of staff, Ron Klain, went so far as to frame Biden’s hate-fest as “one final warning” to us all.  Threats don’t exactly inspire loyalty.  And nobody follows a fool into battle.

It’s as Mel Gibson’s William Wallace correctly averred in Braveheart: “Men don’t follow titles; they follow courage.”  In any walk of life, this observation is undoubtedly true.  What people do with their lives, how they conduct themselves, whether they reach for the heavens, and by doing so, inspire others to do the same — or whether they prey on our worst impulses, divide and conquer, and drag us down into their own pits of despair — this is what separates the weak and wicked from those who possess great strength.  

Biden, of course, is a weak, wicked, and cowardly man, and no title stitched before his name could ever beckon any American of worth to follow his lead.

Image: 10 Tampa Bay via YouTubeCC BY 3.0 (cropped).

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