Another Alarming Societal Trend That Was Accelerated by the Lockdowns

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Looking back, we can see that the lockdowns did so much damage.  They greatly affected our mental health, the economy, and even the education of our children.  But one thing that is not talked about a lot is the impact that the lockdowns had on church attendance in America.  In 1958, a Gallup survey found that 49 percent of Americans had attended church within the past 7 days.  That number started to decline during the ensuing years, and by 1972 only 40 percent of Americans said that they had attended church within the past 7 days.  From 1972 all the way until 2012, church attendance within the past 7 days hovered right around that 40 percent figure.  Unfortunately, over the past decade it has started to fall once again.  Just prior to the pandemic, a Gallup survey found that 34 percent of Americans had been to church within the past 7 days, and now a new survey has discovered that it is down to just 31 percent

In the four years before the pandemic, 2016 through 2019, an average of 34% of U.S. adults said they had attended church, synagogue, mosque or temple in the past seven days. From 2020 to the present, the average has been 30%, including a 31% reading in a May 1-24 survey.

The recent church attendance levels are about 10 percentage points lower than what Gallup measured in 2012 and most prior years.

When the lockdowns began, most Americans were forced to attend church services virtually.

Today, most Americans that attend church do so in person, but overall attendance is still significantly lower than it was before the pandemic…

The pandemic had a profound effect on U.S. society, and it continues to have an impact in some ways. Americans have been less likely to attend religious services over the past three years, and at this point, it does not appear that church attendance will revert to pre-pandemic levels. These recent trends have added to the longer-term decline in religious participation that Gallup has documented over the past two decades.

Over the past few years, we have also seen a lot more violence directed at churches.

In fact, the Family Research Council just released a report that found “a nearly 300% increase in acts of hostility in the first quarter of 2023”

report from the Family Research Council (FRC), released earlier this month, is highlighting the sharp rise in acts of hostility against the church in the United States.

The report documented a nearly 300% increase in acts of hostility in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same time frame in 2022. If the trend continues, the report underscored that “2023 will have the highest number of incidents of the six years FRC has tracked.”

The acts of hostility contained in the report include “vandalism, arson, gun-related incidents, bomb threats, and more.”

We have witnessed such a dramatic shift in our culture.

Digital Dollar Nightmare

Church attendance is in decline, attacks on churches are becoming increasingly common, and more churches are permanently shutting down with each passing week.

Needless to say, this is taking a toll on the mental and emotional health of America’s pastors…

Pastors who reported that their mental and emotional health was below average spiked from 3% in 2015 to 10% in 2022, and those who said they were in excellent mental and emotional health cratered from 39% in 2015 to 11% last year.

Pastors also noted that recent years have taken a toll on their physical health, with 22% describing their physical well-being as poor or below average in 2022, compared to only 7% in 2015. While 24% said their physical health was excellent eight years ago, only 9% said the same last year.

The study also revealed that more pastors are suffering from loneliness, with 7% saying last year they are poor when it comes to having true friends, compared to only 2% in 2015. In 2022, 20% of them ranked themselves as below average with regard to friendship while 10% said the same in 2015.

Meanwhile, those on the other side of the culture war appear to be thriving.

Millions of Americans have turned out for the pride parades that have been happening all over North America this month.

And in some cases, those attending these events are getting more of a show than they anticipated.

As I mentioned yesterday, fully naked men were openly riding down the street during the pride parade in Seattle…

In Seattle, the explicit footage posted by a Post Millennial staffer showed naked men with pride flags painted on their bodies riding down the street and waving to crowds of people, including many children.

Children and their parents can be seen on the sidelines, clapping and cheering for the naked gang.

And in Toronto, there were fully naked men “standing around and riding bicycles in clear view of children”

Bud Light is serving as an official sponsor of the Toronto Pride parade, where video footage shows naked men standing around and riding bicycles in clear view of children attending the event.

The footage, captured by Beth Baisch of the Post Millennial, shows dozens of attendees riding past a large cheering crowd. The fully naked bikers, some covered in paint or tattoos, wave back at the crowd. One naked man high-fives an onlooker while another peddles a recumbent bike with a gold blow-up swan adorned around his neck.

A second video shows a group of naked men with hats standing in a circle amidst the crowd. Several children walk past the group of men with their families.

Since when did it become legal to expose yourself in front of children? Why wasn’t anyone arrested? I don’t expect to get an answer to either of those questions.

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At this point, we are what we are. And nobody can deny it.

If we stay on this path, there is no future for the United States. So I hope that the country will wake up very soon.

Making the right choices leads to positive consequences, and making the wrong choices leads to negative consequences.

Choose wisely America.

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  1. After COVID most Churches continued on line service. Do these numbers consider his? Our Sunday school was 10 to 15% on-line. My wife attends on-line evening service about 30% of the time.

  2. With the long-term infiltration and destruction from within (see GOOD BYE, GOOD MEN, by Michael S. Rose), and the exposure of massive child molestation by supposed “men of the cloth,” some people may not trust priests and church leaders as they once did.

    That said, anecdotally, I know several devote women who continue to pray and study Scripture independently. Additionally, they complain of man stealing by fellow female parishioners. Perhaps Christianity is less public, but a more powerful daily personal devotion.

  3. Once homosexuality touches a nation, it’s all over. It begins with feminism and progresses from there. Pastors have been teaching the lie that God love’s homosexuals for decades now because the pastors are themselves homosexuals and God is about to demonstrate a modern Sodom and Gomorrah fireworks show that will burn them and all of their queer paritioners to a crisp. At this very moment, Russia has presidential airplanes enroute to the United States to evacuate its embassy personnel.

    1. Interestingly enough Jay you are still a bigot and have no clue that you are. Your God is supposed to love every human on earth, yet here you are trying your best to divide people, so I am assuming that you hungrily hang on to your bigotry because your dainty ego needs protection. You sir, are perceived as a major part of the problem, because people have awoken to what churches actually preach today, which is division a bigotry. Your belief system is as phony as the day is long and people have figured out that in actuality the church no longer serves ALL THE PEOPLE, but only those who subscribe to its biblical bigotry. Do you have idea as to who and what your Gods are? And by the way your gods in the bible are many. Lets see if you can figure out why !

  4. “OK google, what is jesus’ REAL name?” Since organized religion will not even speak His real name, or profess that YHWH is Elohim, they will not burn to the ground soon enough… Good for the intelligent adults who do not donate to the lies and deceit of organized religion. YHWH is Elohim. Y’shua is Messiah. Saul is the false apostle and liar of Rev 2:2. Y’shua never spoke the word grace and said He was coming back to recompense every human according to their WORKS. Mt 25:31-46 is NOT a parable. And He is on His way back, hope you are not waiting for any bogus rapture…

  5. The orthodox church sanctioned the jab and does not give religious exemptions.
    I was crismated 33 years ago in a Russian orthodox church and have attended several orthodox churches all across the country.
    Since the jab my last attended Devine liturgy months ago I was surrounded by several jab parishioners and because of spike proteins being shead on me I got extremely sick and had to take a double dose of ivermection when I got home and haven’t been back since
    A pure blood

  6. It wasn’t the lock down. It’s all the ‘woke’ coming into the churches. The wheat cannot abide the ‘friendship with the world’ and therefore leave the tares sitting in the pews. This is NOT ALL churches, of course but way too many have started preaching a false Gospel.

  7. Church attendance hasn’t gone down only because of Covid19 lockdowns. It has also gone down because there is no serious teaching by the pastors. The pastors preach “Goody Goody” sermons to “tickle itching ears.” There is NO teaching in the churches about God’s seriousness in following His commandments and the consequences of not obeying. There is also NO teachings on getting the congregation ready for End Times and the events happening before our eyes. I never believed in the masks. When there was no choice but to wear the mask and I had asthma, I left. So sad.

  8. To me this is not the great falling away, it is called great for a reason, to me this will occur when Aliens make the presence known (demons) and they will tell the world that they seeded the planet millions of yrs ago. This will cause people to reject any belief in God and His Son Jesus.

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