AOC Says Republicans Have a ‘Very Strange Sexual Frustration’ Because They Can’t Date Her

AOC Says Republicans Have a 'Very Strange Sexual Frustration' Because They Can't Date Her

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is relaxing in the Florida sunshine with her boyfriend this New Year’s weekend, sipping cocktails and enjoying the freedom of not having to wear a mask or follow any other restrictions that the New York Democrats impose on their citizens.

Of course, AOC supports these restrictions enthusiastically. But being a leftist member of Congress, she doesn’t have to abide by them. After all, rules are for the little people.

So when National Review outed her hypocrisy for going maskless in Florida while her constituents suffered from virus restrictions and a record number of positive tests, AOC fought back with her version of “humor.”

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  1. This is a sad narcissist who thinks hers is golden. Actually hers is a vapid world devoid of true meaning. Her way is one of decay and destruction, with not a morsel of goodness or mercy. Everything her kind touches is ruined. Even if one does not have the common sense to realize this fact, History proves it to be so.

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