Biden Takes Break From The Beach to Pander to Putin

Biden Takes Break From The Beach to Pander to Putin

(Headline USA) The Biden Administration has done plenty of talking up its tough stance against Russia over their growing infringement on Ukraine and demands to the United Nations, and in response the Kremlin has stiffened its insistence on border security guarantees and test fired hypersonic missiles to underscore its demands.

And that’s after just one phone call with Biden. When the two leaders spoke again this week, Biden renewed his bluster bluster about new sanctions against Russia in case of an escalation or invasion, to which Russian crime boss Vladimir Putin responded with a warning of his own that such a U.S. move could lead to a complete rupture of ties between the nations.

“It would be a colossal mistake that would entail grave consequences,” said Putin’s foreign affairs adviser Yuri Ushakov, who briefed reporters in Moscow after the Biden-Putin phone conversation. He added that Putin told Biden that Russia would act as the U.S. would if offensive weapons were deployed near American borders.

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