Can You Explain What Has Gone Wrong With America?

American Crisis

At this point, nobody can deny that we are a society in decline.  In America today, you can buy a U.S. Senator for 10,000 dollars, test scores for 13-year-olds have dropped to alarmingly low levels, and the CDC is telling us that more people than ever are getting depressed.  Our streets are filled with crime, the ranks of the homeless are absolutely surging, and we are facing the worst drug crisis in the entire history of our nation.  Meanwhile, corruption is seemingly everywhere.

The guy in the White House and his son have made millions of dollars in an epic influence-peddling scheme that stretched over many years, and the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care.  Of course they know exactly what it is like to be bought and paid for, because the only reason the big news networks can survive is because of the millions of advertising dollars that the pharmaceutical industry continues to inject into their dying carcasses.

As Victor Davis Hanson has astutely observed, America was once experiencing a “gradual decline”, but now the fall of our nation “has accelerated at such an astonishing rate we can scarcely recognize our country”…

Twenty-first-century America was on a trajectory of gradual decline—until it began to implode.

Was the accelerant the COVID-19 pandemic and unhinged lockdowns? Or was the catalyst the woke revolution fueled by the 2020 summer of exempted rioting, looting, arson, and violence? Or was it perhaps the deranged fixation on removing Donald Trump from the presidency and destroying the rule of law in the process? Or all that and more?

Now with the election of Joe Biden, what had been a fast-tracked decline has accelerated at such an astonishing rate we can scarcely recognize our country.

I wish that what he is saying wasn’t true.

But it is.

Just a few years ago, organized looting was something that was fairly uncommon.

Sadly, now we have reached a point where groups of people are constantly storming into our major retailers, grabbing whatever they want, and then storming out

Retail crime is at a record high, and thieves are becoming bolder than ever.

“We’ve just had a lot of stressful situations where me or like one of my coworkers have gotten hit trying to get stuff back,” said Mae McRae, the manager of Las Vegas boutique Eden Sky. “We have people who completely fill up their hands and just run out. No care in the world.”

The riots of 2020 were a real turning point, and retail theft hit the 100 billion dollar mark for the very first time in 2022

The National Retail Federation found retailers lost approximately $100 billion last year, which is up from $94 billion in 2021 and $91 billion in 2020.

“They’re getting more comfortable with it because we won’t chase after them,” McRae said of shoplifters, noting how many retailers train employees to not go after the shoplifter for safety reasons.

It is being projected that retail theft will be way above the 100 billion dollar mark this year.

Unfortunately, most of our politicians don’t seem interested in solving this crisis.

So large retailers are starting to flee the areas that have been hit the hardest, and that even includes very wealthy cities such as San Francisco

A slew of companies have indicated in the past few months that they will exit locations in San Francisco’s downtown area, moves AT&T, Westfield and Nordstrom recently said they would also make.

Reports of AT&T’s closure of its San Francisco flagship, located at 1 Powell Street in the Union Square area, first came about late last week. That will take place in August, with the workers getting “offered jobs at one of the many other retail locations in the city,” an AT&T spokesperson told FOX Business on Monday.

Instead of working hard to fix our growing problems, our politicians are busy working hard to win their next elections, and for most of them that means making appearances at the “pride parades” that are taking place all over America this month.

In New York, approximately 100,000 people marched in the Big Apple’s world famous pride parade on Sunday, and it was expected “to draw roughly a million spectators”

Spotted among the amalgam of drag queens and activists marching down Fifth Avenue were figures like Eric Adams, Kathy Hochul, and Chuck Schumer – three of roughly 100,000 participants taking part in the parade’s main procession.

This year’s march – the 53rd in the city’s history – is expected to draw roughly a million spectators, while featuring some 60 floats that speak to the LGBTQ situation not only in New York, but across the country.

There is absolutely no doubt about where the financial capital of the world stands.

Freedom First Beef

At one point, some participants in the parade began chanting slogans that caused great alarm, but the mainstream media will not be covering this.

Needless to say, the mainstream media will not cover anything that puts such festivities in a bad light. During the Seattle pride parade, men that were fully exposed were allowed to participate. In the old days, that would get you arrested for “indecent exposure”, but in our time we celebrate that sort of a thing.

Of course there were lots of young children along the parade routes in Seattle, New York and in all of the other cities where such parades have been held this month.

Their innocence is being stolen from them. But nobody seems to care, because this is what we have become as a nation. If we were given another 20 or 30 years, what would our society look like? You might want to think about that, because the truth is that time is running out for America.

If we stay on the self-destructive path that we are on, we will reach the end of the road very rapidly, and so let us hope for a great awakening to happen soon.

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    1. Not all of us. Half this Nation, at least, trust that God Almighty is still running this show, and the end will come in the manner and time that He decides. We are still blessed by God every single day.

  1. YOU have sat on the sidelines… Yes, WE go to work every day, come home and tend to our families, and then trust others to carry on society. GET INVOLVED because they are sodding you at every turn. Start local; school boards, city councils, etc.

    1. Or one word…..treason. When both parties did nothing in 2009 to stop Obama from being sworn-in they gave America’s government and her military to her enemies via Barack Hussein Obama.. That was and is big time treason. Everything since then has been all about the cover-up. This includes of course their going after Donald Trump when he defeated the planned and promised in 2008 after Obama cover president Hillary Clinton…This is easy to see and understand but apparently too big to prosecute…..the fundamental change continues as Obama remains race and ineligibility protected by both parties………..

  2. The church hid themselves in their church buildings and separated themselves from the world. We begin to believe that comfort was the way to follow Christ. Don’t mention Jesus Christ at family functions, in public or the your work environment. You might upset someone or they might remove you from the party list.

  3. Mom’s right.
    Between Brookings 1960, Engels 1962, 11/22/63, and the 1964 “great experiment”, we never had a chance against the demons.
    Put on God’s armor, it’s about to get “bumpy”…

  4. The ruling class elites were exposed by Trump and that spelled the beginning of chaos everywhere. It has all been planned by the DNC, the WEF’ers, the UN and its affiliated medical and other branches that Trump defunded, the MSM that Trump exposed as fake news because they are, China – which Nation run by a commie tyrannical class whom the DC ruling class adore, and so on. All the Biden shinnanigans in Ukraine, Russia, China and so on – for self-enrichment has been exposed, the DC alphabet cop agencies and all the DC agencies whom Trump exposed as the Deep State who need to be ousted in their entirety, all in on it. All those and more. Every democrat is a criminal in fact or by complicity in the crimes their party and all the outsiders who stand behind it have committed, including Covid-19 scare to inflict death shots upon humanity, all the riots over fake racism crap the DNC restirred openly and obviously to work up its dingbat members who seek only confirmation of their biases while disregarding obvious facts and truth. I don’t know. I am so sick that they are killing our Nation on purpose that I cannot stop myself from writing run-on sentences. If you knew me, you’d know how upset I must be. I will go down fighting for our Nation as it was created to be, and the principals that God and Jesus gave us all to follow, trust and believe in, because those things are what is right and true. May God have mercy on us, walk with or even carry we soldier for the just cause who still believe and know what we must do. Lock and load? It is probably about that time.

  5. This started in the mid-1960’s
    The left started by infiltrated the teachers unions.
    In turn the teachers unions dumbed kids down to the point where they are smart enough to get by but not intelligent enough to question anything.
    Then they went after the family unit. Both parents had to work to make ends meet so the kids were at home alone raising themselves.
    Get people living on fast food (loaded with estrogen) and masculine men become weak.
    Work over time to ‘normalize’ the LGBT+
    Then destroy the church / belief in God.
    Flood the Western nations with hordes of barely functioning immigrants who have zero interest in assimilating.
    Finally, convince everyone there is global warming and VOILÀ
    Nations destroyed.
    Liberalism – together we can find a cure.

  6. The only solution is to have armed guards in every retail store. Have the laws changed so shop lifters may be shot on sight. Of course the laws will have to be corrected to recognize this new legality. Then watch shop lifting disappear overnight.

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