China Has Put Hundreds of Satellites in Orbit to Target U.S. as Space Force Commander Reveals Beijing’s Horrific Plan for America

Chinese Satellites

The head of the U.S. Space Force, Gen. Chance Saltzman, says that China has launched numerous satellites in the past six months and currently possesses 347 orbiting crafts capable of gathering intelligence on American armed forces.

The general warned that China is the “most immediate threat” to U.S. operations in space given its development of technologies such as lasers to disrupt satellite sensors, electronic warfare jammers, and even building crafts that can potentially disrupt rival orbiting platforms.

Saltzman stated that China’s ultimate goal is to become the most dominant space-faring nation by 2045, a part of its plan for a fully modernized, world-class military, the UK’s Daily Mail noted.

“Over the last six months, China conducted 35 launches adding advanced communications and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) satellites to their orbital architecture,” he noted in a written statement to the Senate Armed Service Subcommittee on Strategic Forces earlier this week. “Of China’s over 700 operational satellites in orbit, 347 are People’s Liberation Army ISR platforms providing optical, radar, and radio-frequency capabilities which track the Joint Force worldwide.”

Senior U.S. commanders have issued repeated warnings that China’s advancements in space technology, such as the development of reusable rockets, pose a threat to U.S. dominance in space. Chinese officials have even compared the moon and Mars to the disputed islands in the South China Sea that Beijing is trying to assert its sovereignty over, the report said.

“Both China and Russia continue to develop, field and deploy a range of weapons aimed at U.S. space capabilities,” Saltzman told the Senate panel. “The spectrum of threats to U.S. space capabilities includes cyber warfare activities, electronic attack platforms, directed energy lasers designed to blind or damage satellite sensors, ground-to-orbit missiles to destroy satellites and space-to-space orbital engagement systems that can attack U.S. satellites in space.”

He added that both Russia and China have studied how the U.S. has become reliant on its satellites to conduct warfare.

“Whether it’s our precision navigation and timing, whether it’s satellite communications, the missile warning that we rely on and the intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance persistence that we have with space capabilities… they know we rely on that and so if they can blind us, if they can interfere with those capabilities, or God forbid, destroy them completely, they know that that will diminish our advantages and put the joint force at risk,” said the four-star Space Force commander.

“So I can see interfering with, I can see blinding, I can see some of those grey area kinds of attacks on our capabilities to try and put us behind the eight ball,” he noted further.

China’s rapid economic growth in recent years has allowed them to invest heavily in its space program, leading to significant advancements in its space military capabilities. As China races to the final frontier, its space program has become a point of interest for military analysts and governments around the world.

With the launch of Beijing’s first space station and the successful landing of a rover on the far side of the moon, China has demonstrated its ability to compete with other space-faring nations. However, their military activities in space have raised concerns and sparked debates about their intentions and the potential for an arms race in space.

As for the U.S., Saltzman said the Pentagon will be switching from bigger, more vulnerable geostationary satellites to constellations of smaller satellites that will be deployed in low-to-medium earth orbit.

“With regards to grappling satellites and pulling them out of orbit, much tougher to deal with when you have less than maneuverable older legacy satellites,” he told senators. “So again, shifting to a proliferated [low earth orbit] constellation where you don’t have what Gen. Hyten called a ‘big juicy target’ sitting there in a [geostationary orbit] makes that a much tougher proposition for them to execute against.”

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  1. All of this couldn’t have happen at a most critical time under an incompetent Chinese compromised POTUS who has destroyed our once great military, and no one has the cajones to stop this boob from handing over our sovereignty to his CCP masters.

    1. We must remember what the China politician said several months ago – that they (China) has people in the highest levels of U.S. government. For sure, China would not allow undercover foreigners in any level of their government. We are led by fools and crooks, grifters.

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  2. The USA has become the war mongering tyrant that believes it rules the world but is nothing more than a grave danger to the planet. Signed a US VET that would never stand and fight for US again in this lifetime.

    1. This vet too.
      Yesterday Xi told Putin to chill because change is coming.
      It may not be good for the woke military and crooks in DC.

    2. all wars are banker’s wars…you didn’t fight for America, you fought for Israel.
      Israel controls our domestic and foreign policies…they control everything.
      When people wake up to the music, they have no idea the conductor wears
      a small hat and dances on graves after sucking the blood out of its host.

      We lost this country completely when the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 passed
      and JFK was murdered. Everything taught in school is a lie.

      Watch Europa: The Last Battle documentary on bitchute.
      explains how we got where we are today.

  3. If China was ever to make the mistake of attacking the U.S., their economy will be reduced to growing rice. That’s if they survive at all.

    1. If we refuse to use nukes, as I believe Biden would do against China, they could take us with a couple of EMPS and a million paratroopers. We’d be toast by lunchtime.

        1. For sure.
          But some areas, like CA, most large cities, have all but removed firearms from their citizens. So, we could only act in rural or no weapon free areas.

    2. If our ICBM’s and nuke subs are neutralized, probably in the first action, the immediate second action will create a large crater at what is now DC.

  4. Thanks to Willie “Blow Me” Clinton, he sent our rocket technology to China. I think that’s called treason.

  5. Remember it was Bill Clinton and Bernie Schwartz of Loral Systems who sold this technology to China. Without Their selling this to China, China still wouldn’t be able to put these anti-American weapons in space.

  6. Don’t worry, U. S. military programs using trannies and limp wrists and breast augmentation will show that diversity “makes us stronger”. How could the enemy resist a drag show?

    Remember, the Bible says pride cometh before a fall.

  7. ”The head of the U.S. Space Force, Gen. Chance Saltzman, says…”

    Thanks. All I needed to read to know what follows is a lie

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