Completely Illegal Recommendation by Woke Texas Sheriff Puts Leftist Racism on Full Display

Sheriff Javier Salazar

Illegal aliens may not work in the United States. That means they can’t pay taxes, either. Our law enforcement agencies are supposed to be the ones making sure such illicit activity is stopped and if it does happen, they’re the ones to start the process of punishing the lawbreakers.

Somewhere along the lines, woke Sheriff Javier Salazar of Bexar County, Texas, lost his law enforcement guiding light to the point that he’s going on CNN and calling for businesses to commit crimes. He’s so brazen that he’s saying American citizens who need jobs should compete against illegal aliens who have stolen our sovereignty just as long as they’re not terrorists or violent criminals.

What is his justification? Long wait lines at restaurants. No, seriously. Watch:

It’s no accident that this sheriff is on CNN. He’s trying to make a name for himself by “investigating” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his move to fly illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. Never mind that being in Texas, the sheriff runs into unambiguous jurisdictional challenges, but this is CNN so they’ll listen to anyone willing to speak out against DeSantis.

For those who didn’t catch the implication, this is an obvious political move by someone who wants to enter the national spotlight, someone who will almost certainly run for higher political office in the near future.

As is often the case, this leftist is unabashed in his inherent racism. Notice that he didn’t call on white collar businesses or even his own sheriff’s department to hire illegal aliens. He’s calling on restaurants who need dishwashers. This is peak wokeness.

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