Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Says What the Rest of Us Have Been Thinking About Blackmailed Beijing Biden

Biden releases plan to combat corruption, amid ongoing questions on son Hunter's business dealings

The release of Hunter Biden’s hacked cloud account has been the main topic of discussion since its weekend release, at least for those who do not get their news from corporate media. While leftists are likely still in the dark and think Hunter Biden is the smartest guy Joe Biden knows, the rest of us have been wondering something about Joe Biden.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert came out and asked it on Twitter:

“Watching those videos of Hunter Biden, does anyone actually believe that Joe Biden is not being completely blackmailed by some foreign adversary?”

The question is more than fair considering just how damaging the leak has been. And while she didn’t mention China, everyone is thinking China.

Mountains of stories have hit conservative and alternative news sites showing the son of the current occupant of the White House doing horrible things with or without prostitutes. He appears to be on crack cocaine most of the time when he’s recording videos. And some of the worst stuff hasn’t even been seen by most because it’s so hideous, posting it on social media would get people banned and possibly arrested.

So, is Joe Biden compromised? Is he being controlled by foreign powers? The only thing keeping any doubt alive is the fact that nobody’s is surprised by Hunter Biden’s depravity. We’ve had tastes of it since before the election with the “laptop from hell,” not to mention the public record Hunter Biden has accumulated over the years.

Bank Failure

If Joe Biden cared about his family’s reputation at all, he would do whatever it took to hide his son’s horrible lifestyle. Then again, he may not even be aware of anything beyond what flavor ice cream he’s going to be given this afternoon.

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