Conservative Candidate Provides Template for Winning Black Votes

Conservative Candidate Provides Template for Winning Black Votes

Last month’s gubernatorial election in Virginia was seen as a preview of how the 2022 midterm elections will pan out. It demonstrated that Republicans are in a positive position to retake the House and possibly even the Senate. Indeed, a recent report indicated the GOP might be set to win key governorships in other states, as well.

But there was another election that could be instructive for the GOP if the party takes notice. Jalen Johnson won his race to become City Commissioner for Ward Two in Albany, Georgia.

So why is this local race significant? Because Johnson ran as a conservative candidate in an area that is 70% black. His campaign and eventual victory could provide a viable template for other conservative candidates seeking to win elections in areas with high black and brown populations. I spoke with Johnson about his campaign and he explained how he managed to earn this decisive win.

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