Democrats are Desperately Trying to Convince You the Emperor Isn’t Naked

Democrats are Desperately Trying to Convince You the Emperor Isn't Naked

The story of the kid who pointed out the ruler of his lands was completely naked during a parade after the emperor had been bamboozled into thinking invisible thread was used to make the grandest clothing he’d ever worn has never been more applicable than it has now with Democrats, the vaccine, and the virus.

As Streiff reported on Monday, three prominent Democrats Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker came down with COVID-19 despite having been vaxxed and boosted. Already, the excuses are flying.

Michigan Democrat Sen. Debbie Stabenow popped onto MSNBC to toss out ye ol’ “it’s my neighbor’s fault defense” that’s usually used by the city of Chicago to explain its gun crime. According to Stabenow, the reason Booker and Warren caught the virus is because of those dastardly Republicans who aren’t masked up.

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