Dylan Mulvaney Is the True Legacy of Obama

Dylan Mulvaney (2)

As I’ve surveyed the landscape of what the Republican Party has devolved into, it becomes more transpicuous said Party has and continues to transmogrify into something I cannot support in toto. That said, based upon their moral turpitude alone, one must suspend all association with reality to be or support the Democrat Party.

Practically all politicians are liars and they all have massive egos. But nowhere has there ever been an assemblage of likeminded baby-killers, anti-God destroyers of family, ad nauseum than the neo-Leninist collective euphemistically referenced as Democrats. If Democrat by definition means An advocate of democracy; these are the farthest thing from said definition.

They’re about totalitarian social-cultural regimes. They’re about slavery, indignity, societal deconstruction and the weaponization of government to be used against We the People. They’re about acts of aggression against We the People and the polarization of civility based upon the fallacious social construct of the damnable heterodoxy of skin color.

Heretofore the myth of skin was the viscous substance used to lubricate the Democrats “anti-all-things civil and truthful flim-flam machine.” Colored Democrat politicians are emblematic of the lowest form of self-loathing and inferiority. It’s astounding that they’ve been so pitifully blind with respect to their true plight.

But, today the sexual abomination called transgenderism is replacing skin-color as the viscous lubricant.

People identifying as such are emotionally maldeveloped and suffering from hebephrenic schizophrenia. The longtime pets of the Democrat Party are now being pushed to a new ‘back-of-the-bus” in favor of the now debaucherous deviants being popularized today.

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What I find interesting is that once again those fixated upon being recognized as a crayon color have been betrayed by their own kind, which is especially true of those ascribing to a sacerdotalist viewpoint of Democrat hierarchy.

W.E.B. Du Bois was a devout Communist and the apple of Vladimir Lenin’s eye. It was Du Bois who first identified these people as “colored” so as to have global compatibility with other melanin appropriate peoples the world over.

It was Obama, however, who the week before being elected to his first term in the White House said: “In five days we will begin to fundamentally change America.” And thus he did. I said “The devastating effect of Obama will not be felt until he leaves office, and that effect is being addressed by only a very small number of statesmen who see and understand the true threat of Obama.”

I was right. What we see today with Dylan Mulvaney and Biden’s secretary of health Richard Levine and all of the other sexual deviant insanity place was fast-tracked by Obama.

It began with his men in women’s bathrooms and vice-versa. Obama publicly fantasized about having sex with men according to his own admission. It was Obama who pushed for children in kindergarten to be taught about anal sexual devices, homosexuality and lesbianism. Whether or not Obama’s commitment to forcing homosexualism upon children was born out of his own depraved thirst for sexual intimacy with “older white-men” or something far more demonic is unclear. What we see today is being forced upon children because of Obama.

Democrats fought to sustain slavery and weaponized the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to terrorize the former slaves, Jews and Catholics. Franklyn Roosevelt hindered much more than he ever helped end the Great Depression that started in 1929. And it was Jimmy Carter, Obama and now Biden who have done the greatest damage to America.

With that said, Obama gets the gold medal for bringing America to a slippery slope on which rests every form of debauchery. No longer satisfied in persuading those that Margaret Sanger called “weeds” to slaughter their children, Obama first – and now Biden – have together set the standard for the indemnification of the butchering of young people’s bodies and the visceral insanity children are being coerced and deceived into embracing.

I have very little respect for the Republican Party, because I know what they were and I know what they have become; but the Democrats are malicious zealots wholly given over to reprobate minds.

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The sexual insanity that men can have menstrual cycles, have children, breastfeed, etc. is a lie from the pit of hell. Such idiocy is akin to my dressing up in native Namibian dress and telling people that I speak only Namibian. I can do it; I can even insist I be called a person from Namibia. But, if every time I speak people around hear English with a New York accent, they’re going to think I need a shrink.

We should understand people today complaining of being misgendered, binary or some other form of crazy, need to be treated by a good psychiatrist, not applauded for pretending to be a dog, cow, man, woman or whatever.

This is the legacy of Obama. It’s also the legacy of Democrats, just as Jim Crow is their legacy. As I said, if something is demonic, destructive and/or polarizing, you can bet Democrats are supporting it all the way.

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  1. But, WHY haven’t the rice iranians assassinated him for being gay? Islam is a fake crap “religion” just like the talmudics.

  2. Obama’s legacy is simply this. HE IS A LIAR. And he lit the National CHRISTMAS TREE 8 times without fxxking it up. PERIOD.

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